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Quebec keeps its nickel control plan secret

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So Radio Canada was unable to find out what measures were taken MELCCCsince April 28, to ensure that daily nickel emissions to ambient air do not exceed the new limit of 70 nanograms per cubic meter (ng/m3).

Inspections are carried out using different techniques where appropriate and applicable in different places in order to identify any violation […] In areas adjacent to port activities, including Limoilou منطقةsummarized in writing a spokesperson MELCCCFrederic Fournier.

The Ministry relies on the full cooperation of companies during the various inspections and checks carried out by its teams.Mr. Fournier adds.

However, inspections were already carried out according to the previous standard of 14 ng/m3which does not allow us to understand how it works MELCCC Already strengthened oversight mechanisms, as promised.

The administration will not comment on the enhanced monitoring plan for the new nickel standard so as not to interfere with its implementation. »

Quote from Frédéric Fournier, spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Moreover, the MELCCC Confirms that it is executing gradual from his plan Since April 28However, it does not indicate how far this implementation has progressed.

worrying And the problem

President of the Quebec Society of Environmental PhysiciansAQME) This position can not be explained by MELCCC. I don’t know what the ministry should hide!She divorces Dr. Claudel Petrine Desrosiers.

Contrary to claims MELCCC, does not believe Dr. Pétrin-Desrosiers that disclosing the control plan would harm its implementation.

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For me, the plan must certainly be revealed, it must be shared, and above all it must be jointly built with the actors in the community, that is, the people who live in the area. [de Limoilou]says Dr. Petrine Desrosiers.

There are residents who are worried and don’t get any information […] To show him that real effort is being made [pour contrôler les émissions de nickel]. Having no idea, after two or three months, I find it a problem. »

Quote from Dr.. Claudel Petrine Desrosier, President of the Quebec Society of Environmental Physicians

Claudel Petrine Desrosiers, family physician and president of the Quebec Society of Environmental Physicians

Photo: Radio Canada/Patrick-Andre Peron

Dr. Pétrin-Desrosiers is also interested in seeing that MELCCC little implementation gradualWhich raises more questions, in his opinion.

remains ambiguous. When? what does it mean? What limits do we impose on ourselves? What deadlines do we give each other? What are the mechanisms of surrender? What do we obligate the company to do if standards are not respected? We do not have answers to these questions.


The MELCCC It states by email that in addition to the new daily norm of 70 ng/m3an annual norm of 20 ng/m3 Also approved Offers an extra aspect of control.

It also specifies, as announced last winter, that an eighth air quality monitoring station has been added to the Capitale-Nationale grounds.

However, these items were already known. Therefore, it does not indicate new control mechanisms MELCCC Gifted.

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In the wake of the arsenic-related issues at Rouyn-Noranda, Dr. Pétrin-Desrosiers believes that MELCCC She will currently have luck To do things differently on the nickel file in Quebec. However, she is afraid that he will miss an appointment.

For now, the signals we are receiving are that it will not differ from the other environmental health issues that Quebec has experienced in recent years. »

Quote from Dr.. Claudel Petrine Desrosier, President of the Quebec Society of Environmental Physicians

On May 11, aAQME He requested a meeting with the Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, to discuss the risks to human health from exposure to nickel.

Dr. Pétrin-Desrosiers’ request remained a dead letter for two months, until Radio Canada asked the Minister’s office if he intended to meet with the AQME, which he finally confirmed.

Minister Sharett did not respond, Monday morning, to comment on the file. We do not wish to give an interview to talk about an enhanced censorship plan that cannot be disclosed so as not to compromise its effectiveness.reiterated his government.

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