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Quebec will have to deal with its problems with patience

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(Quebec) The number of infections is increasing “dramatically” in the capital, which has been severely affected by the variables, so Public Health urges new residents in the red zone to be very careful on Easter Eve.

Gabriel BelandGabriel Beland

Schools, restaurants, non-essential businesses, gyms and even theaters were forced to close their doors Thursday evening for at least 10 days in Quebec City, Levis and Gatineau. Four areas fell in the red zone.

The news announced Wednesday had a cold shower effect on many entrepreneurs in the capital, who had to reopen their enterprise and then close it within three weeks.

The regional director of public health at Capitale-National said Thursday, during a press conference that was clearly intended to warn residents, that the health situation in Quebec had no choice for the authorities.

Photo by Eric Lab, the sun

Ds André Dontigny, Regional Director of Public Health at Capitale-Nationale, at a press conference, Thursday

“We invite everyone to stay home. We know that in the red, there is potential for interaction outside, and we are asking you to do it as little as possible,” launched Ds André Dongny.

The latter painted a picture of a “very disturbing” situation. After 194 cases on Wednesday, the district counted 261 new cases on Thursday. “We still expect a lot on Friday. He warned that we are in an accelerating position.

In February, it was not uncommon to have fewer than 30 new cases on certain days. By comparison, the region’s worst daily toll was on December 4, with 310 new infections.

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The variants account for 70% to 80% of new cases, according to Public Health. It is a very fast development. We know the variant is highly contagious, “recalls the regional director of public health, who points to the British alternative.

Mega Fitness: 141 cups

There are eight people in intensive care at Capitale-Nationale. Dr. saids Matteo Simon, Head of the Department of Intensive Care at the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonary Diseases of Quebec.

Hospitalization is on the rise. Intensive care is too busy.

Ds Matteo Simon, Head of the Department of Intensive Care at the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonary Diseases of Quebec

These are the young men who have the largest physiological reserve. They can tolerate severe illness at home and tell themselves “This is not it” or “It will pass.” “

According to him, the vaccination campaign among the elderly explains the change in the picture in intensive care. “Thank God that the alternative comes after the first wave of vaccination,” added Dr.s Simon.

The region is also experiencing a major outbreak at the Mega Fitness Gym, which closed urgently on Wednesday. You set to 1he is 141 positive cases in April and nearly 20 workplace outbreaks.


Dan Marino, owner of Mega Fitness Gym

Gym owner Dan Marino often made headlines when the district was in the red as he threatened to challenge the government and open his facility.

In a Facebook case Thursday night, Mr Marino pledged he had taken “measures beyond expectations” to prevent the outbreak. He claimed that he had contracted the virus himself. My Health is Getting Better Books.

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” a hit ”

Wednesday’s announcement surprised the entrepreneurs. The restaurants, which were able to reopen on March 8, were preparing for the Easter weekend.

Of course there will be financial losses. “The cold rooms are full,” says Louis Bouchard Trudeau, co-owner of Le Pied Bleu. “It’s boring. I wonder who I’ll have to cut next week.”

The owner of the restaurant says he understands that “this is an exceptional situation in an exceptional setting”.

Martin Parrott, owner of Grendel’s small brewery, has harsher words against the government. He is “extremely dissatisfied” with the decision to reopen the door and then close it again within 25 days.

When it reopened, we hoped we wouldn’t have to close in two or three weeks. We said to ourselves, “It can’t happen, we have to trust them, these people, they have to know what they’re doing …. But apparently not.

Martin Parrott, owner of Grendel’s small brewery

He feels terrible for his staff. “I have employees who just left their jobs elsewhere to come back here full time. I have some who fought to make ends meet in the last year, and then, overnight, you push them aside.”

The mayor of Quebec called on residents Thursday to support restaurants by ordering fast food or delivery.

“Of course, Wednesday was a big hit. They could feel the good weather coming, and we had the impression that we were coming back to life, and people were having coffee on the sidewalk,” Regis Labium complained.

The mayor called on his residents again to follow health instructions, even if he said he was aware of “the exhaustion.” “But there’s no miracle about that,” recalls Regis Labium. Pollution should be reduced and finally eliminated. ”

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