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Quebec’s rivers are under watch, with rains and warmth announced

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Mercury can rise to 8-9 degrees Celsius in most parts of Quebec from Wednesday to Friday morning.

This moderate temperature will be accompanied by precipitation of up to 10 millimeters overnight from Thursday to Friday, warns Andre Cantin, a Canadian meteorologist concerned with the environment and climate change.

Sure, the combination of rain and moderate weather can cause certain problems.As Mr. Cantin says.

Since the expected precipitation is less than 10 mm, the consequences for river flooding can be felt in the medium term.

Snow on the ground is far from saturation at present and is able to absorb this rain. However, we must be vigilant next week, Tuesday or Wednesday, when we expect another system of rain that is much heavier, but it will pass more quickly., Meteorologist confirms.

Preventative measurements

The company Hydro Météo monitors telemetry stations, allowing it to check the progress of water levels and prepare several local customers.

All of our staff is mobilized to provide operational support to some of our local clientsLet the company know, via email, in anticipation of the next few days.

This support includes preventive action of weakening, spring icebreaking with hovercraft, and amphibious shovel support for ice evacuation and aerial flight, in particular.

These measures are not implemented to mitigate the risk of glacial formation and spring floods as an emergency, but rather as a successful solution to better prevention.The company believes.

Long warm

Although large temperature differences are not uncommon in March, the duration of this warmth is unusual, according to Andre Cantin.

Mold length is 3 to 4 days […], It is less frequent. It usually lasts 24 to 48 hours.

André Cantin, meteorologist of the environment and climate change in Canada

The province is not expected to break the temperature record on Friday morning. Records are over 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, in Quebec anyway. Seasonal norms are -1 ° C during the day and -9 ° C at nightMeteorologist adds.

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Old records are threatened by our neighbors

In the northeast and central United States, warmth can shatter mercury records for 142 years, according to the specialist AccuWeather website. In the greater Washington area, for example, mercury is expected to exceed 22 ° C, while the high for 142 is 23.8 ° C.

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