Re-release of Montreal | Tourizment Montreal partnership with Cirque du Soleil

(Montreal) Tourisme Montréal is partnering with Cirque du Soleil over the next few years in order to enhance the appeal of Quebec City, hoping to capitalize on the entertainment company’s international reputation.

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Frederic Lacroix Couture
Canadian Press

The partnership announced Wednesday is aimed at cooperation and trade exchange between the two institutions for a period of two years, with the option of an additional year.

Tourisme Montréal in particular wants to take advantage of circus performances in key markets like London, Toronto or Los Angeles “to get people thinking about Montreal,” said the tourism organization’s president and CEO, Yves Lalumiere.

In turn, Cirque du Soleil will be able to take advantage of Montreal’s tourism platforms and delegates’ access to the city to promote the creativity and talents of its artists.

“It’s a very profitable deal,” said Circus President Stéphane Lefevre during the joint announcement under a marquee under construction that will host the show this summer. koza In the Old Port of Montreal.

Concretely, the manner in which this vision for the two organizations will crystallize remains to be determined. However, Mr. Lalumiere spoke, among other things, about the integration of content, targeted communications within the tents and the use of digital platforms.

The agreement is an investment of approximately $250,000 per year. According to Mr. Lalumiere, the value of the partnership “far exceeds” what is expected in terms of economic benefits.

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