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Recover Deleted Files on Android

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When you erase a file on your Android device, it isn’t actually deleted. It is still on the internal disk but the system cannot access it. Fortunately, plenty of utilities are available to recover these deleted files.

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When you delete a file by mistake Under AndroidThere are many ways to get it back. We will see an example in Photography.

Files are not really erased

What happens in practice is that the file is no longer listed by robot As a file accessible from a file Request Like gallery (photos and videos) or play music (music tracks).

The files that the user can access by the Android system are listed in the file allocation table. When a file is scanned, it is the index that indicates the location of that file on the storage medium that is scanned or moved from the table. So the wizard is no longer able to locate said file. However, it is still on the storage medium and thus can be recovered with different tools.

The only limitation: Once Android knows that the file has been “deleted” (in other words, it is no longer included in the Its file allocation table), it is able to recover the space corresponding to the storage of other files. However, if you intervene within a reasonably short period of time after such erasure, or if you have used your tablet quite a bit, it is possible that the erased file is still there.

A large number of tools are available, with more or less comprehensive capabilities

There are plenty of tools to recover deleted files on Android. These apps bypass system restrictions and therefore can access parts of the storage that cannot be accessed from the interface of the device.

The easiest way is to go to Play Store And type a query like “recover deleted files”.

In this case, we have installed 1 on our beta Android tabletDr Suggested app here: Recover Deleted File / File Recovery, App Manager & Phone Cleaner.

Run this app and choose “Restore Now”.

Recover deleted photos

Warning: Since it is free, the app we have chosen displays many misleading billboards sometimes and you just have to ignore them one by one by clicking on the cross or by clicking on the Close button.

Here we present to recover two types of files: photos or videos. If you want to recover more diverse file types, you will probably need to use a paid app like TenorShare UltData for AndroidAnd the GT . recovery or Android Kitor advanced utilities for Android.

In this case, we want to recover a deleted photo and then choose “Find Deleted Photos”.

The application shows various image files that are deleted but still in storage. Select what you want to recover and then click Restore Now. As you can see, these images can be accessed in the gallery in the album of others.

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