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Rockstar Games (GTA) about to revive its license?

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Over the past few hours, the Internet has been all about the prestigious studio Rockstar Games (GTA, Red Dead…). According to several rumors, the company could prepare to re-license Bully via a sequel or rework/remake. It would be a project that had already been revealed to several American journalists and that could have been announced during the Game Awards, before being postponed at the last minute.

Are you bullying again soon on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

A video summarizing the whole case and all the information since nine o’clock yesterday evening.

It all started with a tweet from famous insider Tom Henderson which indicated that according to this somewhat ambiguous information, several journalists could have been invited to a special presentation of the next game from Rockstar Games a few weeks before the Game Awards.

The reveal of The Bully 2 was expected to be a potential surprise at the Game Awards last week, after some people received information hinting at the upcoming reveal. The info is a bit vague at the moment so I have to be ambiguous in my notes but if I know more I will let you know.
Some people saw a “playable version” a few weeks before the Game Awards.
As I said – the information is ambiguous. But I thought it was worth noting that there is definitely something “happening” about this series.

A few minutes earlier, a prominent member of the popular Game Informer posted a photo of the Bully logo with the following caption: New story coming soon..

© Rockstar Mag’

next Great survey, our fellow Rockstar Mag’ Instead, consider a different project with a Remaster/remake developed around Bully. In fact, after having a lengthy discussion with Tom Henderson via private messages (exchanges available on the site and Rockstar Mag’s video), our colleagues came to the following observation:

  • Several journalists signed a confidentiality agreement with Rockstar.
  • Journalists saw new footage ofThe Unannounced Bully Project Several weeks before the Game Awards.
  • Journalists expected a surprise announcement at the Game Awards, but it never happened.
  • Journalists now expect Project Bully to be announced soon.

Rockstar Mag announced that according to their (generally well-versed) sources, no sequel to Bully is in development besides Rockstar Games. Specifically, there is no Bully project in progress with the Rockstar RAGE graphics engine. This means that if a game is currently in production, it will necessarily be under Unreal Engine 4.

However, as Rockstar Mag points out, since October 2020 and its takeover, Rockstar studio Dundee will be on a project related to Unreal Engine 4. We recently learned that this is not related to GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition developed by Grove Street Games which saw A messy start.

Thus, the premise of Rockstar Mag will be that a rework/remake of Bully will be in development by the Rockstar Dundee studio. This project could have been shown to part of the press and some dealers, but the announcement would have been delayed after the disastrous launch of GTA The Trilogy.

For now, it’s too early to say. One thing seems for sure, though, and things are moving on the Rockstar side and we can’t wait to find out more.

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