Fortnite raises $144 million for Ukraine

Epic GamesThe American video game studio It is an electronic gameYesterday, it announced that it will donate $144 million to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

This amount represents the profits made by the famous game in cooperation with Xbox (Microsoft) Between March 20th and April 3rd. While the game is free to download, It is an electronic game They earn billions of dollars from players who buy costumes and accessories for their characters. The game has more than 350 million players around the world.

The money raised must go to many international organizations, including UNICEFThe World Food Program and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, thousands of citizens have died and more than 4.2 million have been forced to flee their country.

Epic Games She is among several video game studios that have raised funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. humble package announced that it raised $ 20 million, while Riot Games (creatorLeague of LegendsRaised $5.4 million.

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