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Saguenay Port welcomes the Danish delegation

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The Port of Saguenay’s General Manager, Karl Laberge, and his team welcome a Danish delegation to La Baie this week. The visit led to the ratification of the agreement. The port of Aalborg stands out in terms of the environment, a transformation made by the Saguenay Port Authority.

According to Carl Laberge, the network was normal.

In 2020, we have decided to put sustainable development at the heart of our priorities. We were accompanied by UQAC’s Chief Environmental Advisor […]. We started discussions with Port of Albork, which led to a cooperation agreement Put the general manager in context, in an interview on the show It’s never the same thing.

The passage of the Danes on Sagueni land led to visits and demonstrations of Sagueni port activities and facilities.

We show them what we’re doing, where we’re heading and our successes. They come to see our reality. We will get to know each other, meet people from the community. We also aim at university cooperation. »

Quote from Carl Laberge, General Manager, Port of Saguenay

The Director-General notes that Port Albork, like his organization, moved from the city center to the suburbs a few years ago.

They moved their operations like us. Some industrial activities developed around it. They had a cement factory, which is very polluted. They monitored with the community to see what swaps could be made as heat exchangers says Karl Laberge, who, like his visitors, would like to establish an industrial symbiosis.

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Among other elements that surprised visitors: the size of the port facilities at Bay Rivieraine and the spaces owned by Port de Saguenay.

They have land like us to develop industrially, but they don’t have as much land as us. As Karl Laberge says: He adds that the port of Albork has begun to promote the development of some industries in the field of renewable energies, such as wind energy.

A delegation from Saguenay is expected to visit Denmark soon with the aim of building the relationship between the two organizations and laying the foundations for future partnerships.

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