Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 undergoes scratch, burn and wrinkle tests

Samsung’s latest foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold4, has been put into its stride gerrigal“Durability Test” at the end of last month, and it survived to tell the tale – although it wasn’t left in a completely pristine state.

Now it’s his little brother’s turn, the Galaxy Z Flip4, to undergo the same harsh tests. Let’s see if the smaller device is more fragile.

The Flip4’s outer screen is covered in glass as you’d expect, which means it scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, with digging deeper at level 7. In contrast, the internal screen – or rather the screen protector on top – scratches at level 2, with pits deeper in Level 3. This means that nails can damage this surface.

The sides of the phone are aluminum, while the buttons are metal, as is the SIM card tray. As with the Fold4, we also see that the phone gets a lot of dirt, we test the hinge – and all is well. The inner screen protector melts when exposed to an open flame – because it is plastic after all.

Finally, the Flip4 does bend back a bit, not without some weird sounds coming out of it, but it still works without any issues. However, after being subjected to all this abuse, he was no longer completely shut down. The purpose of this test was to determine how durable a foldable device is these days, and hopefully if you’re wondering, it will provide a useful answer.

If you want to know more about the Galaxy Z Flip4, don’t miss our in-depth review.

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