San Fargo Pontere. Become an ambassador for an international competition

Left to right, Eric Bismolin, Sebastian Garcia and Adrien Silier © FR/RSM77

make sports What we love is one thing. owe Ambassador one of the Competitions For a documentary that will be broadcast all over the world, that’s another thing entirely. This is the happy event that happened for several weeks Eric Bismolenfrom residents San Fargo Pontere It is a fanIron Man !

private photo session

It’s in the store cycling culture From Dammarie-lès-Lys That date has been set Eric Bismolen. Among the attendees, Adrian Celer, Director, Partner and Longtime Friend, as well as Sebastian Garcia, Director Cycling Association Disabled sports in Minnesota. give The official movie for the competition From Iron Man “Canada man and woman” located at the bottom of Quebec.

“It was a rather extraordinary race,” he recalls. On Saturday, I accompanied my partner Stephan Mallet to the start of his race and actually raced him all the way. Knowing that the next day I was racing at the Xtrem track was probably not a very good idea. »

Specifically, it was for him a A pleasant surprisebecause he is qualified 4eThe podium was left to only three Canadian athletes. a classification and one performance That attracted the organizers very quickly.

A crazy idea for a partnership started to appear

Eric Bismolen

to get to know

For organizers, this is an exceptional opportunity in more ways than one. After interviewing Eric Bismolin and highlighting it through the photo, he blasted screen on screen documentary from the movie. Of course, he shares the spotlight withother athletesAnd the mostly Canadian, but his vision of the race and the comparison it offers to the European model, Canadians listened to. »The documentary contains a file international distribution, Available on all flights of about fifteen years Airlines, Including Quantas and Air Canada,” says the athlete. The documentary is also available from more 90 TV Channels Broadcasting over 170 countries“Not to mention the Internet,” he adds. However, this great commitment does not seem to be limited to this documentary: “After the race, we kept in touch and idea wild about partnership Eric Bismolen says:

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Filmed during the race
Eric Bismolin was interviewed, but also filmed during the competition, with full effort. © Bismoline family

Destination France

Iron Man always imposes himself a little more in Europe. But those in charge of Canadaman-Woman would like to import their version of Iron-Man Xtrem on the old continent, especially in France. We discussed it a lot together and started working on the project. Ideally, it will be in 2023 between Millau and Montpellier,” informs the athlete. The goal will be to preserve the idea of ​​wide open spaces and a man or woman’s destination for nature. “There is still work to be done, but we are making progress and I love this role as an ambassador,” Smiling.Role among others, because Eric Bismolen, in addition to his professional commitments, continues his training, and develops his partnership with the Sébastien Garcia association regarding long-distance cycling.The Taiwanese Ironman project is currently on hold due to political news in the field.Suddenly, he is preparing for a race Another, like the prestigious La Bayman that takes place in October in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

To watch the video, go to Youtube.

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