school break | Movies and series to watch as a family

Between a snowshoeing trip and a new skating rink experience at the Quartier des Spectacles, school vacation is also synonymous with time spent with family in front of the small screen. To guide you in your choices, our journalists present the latest films and series that have passed their children’s test.

Posted on February 25


On Disney+ and in cinemas

A question has gripped the family since the first viewing of the three-time Academy Award-nominated movie: If you had the strength of a wonderful Madrigal family member, who would it be? While the 8-year-old would like to grow flowers like the beautiful Isabella, her younger sisters would like to transform like Camilo’s cousin or be as strong as Luisa. With his touching story full of magic, incanto It is the perfect family movie. And what an amazing soundtrack! We are not talking about Bruno Until they reached the top of the charts painting. If you haven’t already, join the Madrigal family!

Veronique Larroque Journalism

Wanda’s vision

on Disney +

What prompted a 14-year-old boy to get up with his dad at 7 a.m. on a Friday during spring break last year? The latest installment in the first spin-off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda’s vision. Nine episodes devouring each other like a thriller. It’s a homage to American television culture (each episode corresponds to a decade), starting with Comedy series Fifties and magic tricks style Witch sweetie master. In addition to mise en abyme an increasingly quirky universe of superheroes, with accents Twin Peaks Based on Truman Show. Witty, inventive and comedic, but also mysterious and mysterious.

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Mark Cassivi, Journalism

Black Widow

on Disney +

superhero movie? With a woman (and more!) with intimidating kicks and punches, and working to avoid more, no, but what more could you ask for in a large family of girls, specifically? True, the scenario did not particularly distinguish us. but it does not matter. A little indulgence. Because whether you’re a fan of the Avengers or not, here’s a movie that’s enough to satisfy the youngest (10 years with us), as well as the older (the author of these lines), by teens (who’ve also been picked up by their series thus far, thank you trancebut we promise to hook ourselves up for a good two hours girl power family, next week). We wish you the same.

Silvia Gallebo Journalism

Agent John

On ICI Extra

Photo provided by Radio Canada

scene from Agent John

Imagine the kindest, most dedicated, and purest-hearted secret agent possible. Now add horns to his head. You have a picture of Agent Jean, the main character in Alex A. comics and the star of the show that bears his name. The seven-minute episodes — perfect for effortless screen time management — are packed with action, humor, lovable characters, and horrifying villains. The voices of talented actors such as Pierre-Luc Funk, Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse, Frans Castell, Bernard Fortin, Anne Dorval and Adeeb Al-Khalidi bring to life the funny stories that differ from those in the books. The first season has 45 episodes and the second 4 episodes so far.

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Pascal Leblanc Journalism

fun kids

On ICI Télé and ICI

Photo provided by Radio Canada

Jean-Sebastien Bosque and Frederic Schoener

If your kids are interested in experiencing a volcano or a magical milk experience, offer them that fun kidsdirected by Frédéric Schoener and Jean-Sebastien Bosque (Don’t fast fast). In this humble science journal, but with big ambitions (we’re still cooking eggs and sausage with a dome that turns into a solar condenser!), the duo conduct amazing experiments. Some are difficult to breed at home, but others, which focus specifically on cooking or gardening, are more accessible. Added to this are cute scenes where children try to guess the function of an object. Officially for 9-13 year olds, but our 5 year old is asking for more. At ICI Télé on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Valerie Simard, Journalism

Cobra Kaiseason 4

on Netflix

Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence unite to take on the mysterious John Chris, but we doubt their diametrically opposed philosophies will once again separate them, taking their young subjects with them. However, another contender from the past comes to muddy the waters, and now we once again find ourselves clinging to the end of the cliff while we await the fifth season of this delicious series that hits on nostalgic parents as young as they are. Thrive in action scenes. However, we have noticed some side effects in young teens who, after viewing, have an annoying tendency to turn the living room into a dojo…

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Pierre Marc Durevage, Journalism

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