Sci-Fi Metaverse Daddy launches his own “real life” Metaverse

To make his literary invention a reality, Neil Stephenson teamed up with Peter Vessenes, who is also a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and a cryptocurrency pioneer.

He thus explained that Lamina1 is an open metaverse based on the blockchain. It should provide all the necessary infrastructure to allow creators to build it freely.

Vessenes explains that metaverses as we know them today discourage creative work in them. All creations are truly awarded to the companies that created their metaverse, in exchange for simple “likes” on social networks.

A blockchain-based Metaverse, and therefore on a decentralized structure, would make it possible, in an ideal way, to reward artists at the fair value of their work. According to Vessenes, Web3 and Lamina1 could be a solution to combat inequality in the Web2 ecosystem.

This promising project, however, is far from completed. Lamina1 is still in a very early stage of development, although interested creators can already come and work on it.

To know more about Lamina1, visit its official website, mentioned in the source below.

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