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Science and language are at the heart of the philosophy exam

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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On June 15, 2022, high school students in Terminale classes took part in the Bac Exam in Philosophy. In the general course of the Guyana Academy, the two subjects to choose from for the famous thesis were language and science. Not everyone is inspired by the concepts.

Is science always right?” And the “Is language only used for communication?“. Here are the subjects selected for this year at the Guyana Academy of Public Sector. On the morning of Wednesday, June 15, high school students at Terminale worked four hours on a philosophy exam.

Even if the baccalaureate exams stopped opening after the new reform, It is still the famous test that many students dread, the one we remember for a long time. Corinne Mellon, Deputy Academic Director of National Education Services, launched the exam this morning at Balata Secondary School (Matori). The selected themes inspired her.

The topics are very interesting, but also relevant. For example, “Is science always right?” Après ces années de pandémie, avec toutes les polémiques qu’il ya eu entre les scientifiques et toutes les prises de positions, ça permet de se poser la question : qui croire et est-ce que la science et just pé un chairendre truth ? Ancient scientists were convinced that the Earth was flat. science was.

Corinne Mellon, Deputy Academic Director of National Education Services

Thesea, a candidate for the baccalaureate, took the topic “Is language used only for communication?”. A topic she didn’t find very inspiring, even though she did write a six-page essay. Philosophy isn’t the test she dreads most, the high school student instead focusing on her majors. Stephen, he’s in a state of uncertainty as he leaves the room.

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He chose the text comment (the third option in addition to the two questions, editor’s note). “I’ve finished nine pages, so I hope to get through it!He said. Finally, Mal walked out long before the end of time. It was four pages.using his knowledge“I hope that will suffice.

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