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Sciences. A new peaceful dinosaur has been identified: Tlatolophus galorum

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Mexican paleontologists have identified a new species of dinosaur, pacific and communicative a priori, announced Thursday the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). The discovery was made from a sample found in northern Mexico.

“72 or 73 million years ago, an enormous herbivorous dinosaur died in what should have been a body of sediment-rich water, so its body was soon covered in earth and could be preserved throughout the ages,” says INAH. These are the types Tlatolophus galores.

Excavations in 2013

a word Tlatulophos Is derived from words PedanticThe Nahua language and Lovoss, In Greek, which means the word and the motto respectively. Its tail was discovered in 2013 in the municipality of General Cepeda, in the state of Coahuila (northern Mexico).

Scientists continued excavation work, then found 80% of its skull, its 1.32-meter summit, as well as bones such as the femur and shoulder, which allowed them to define “in 2021” a new type of dinosaur. .

Low frequency sounds

“We know they had low-frequency ears, so they must have been peaceful but reactive dinosaurs,” the institute says. Paleontologists also believe that they “make loud noises to scare carnivores or for reproductive purposes.”

They also believe that the “bumps were brightly colored.” The discovery has been published in the scientific journal Cretaceous search.

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