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Second Chance: “I never expected to have such a wonderful experience” – Monique Nero

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Monique Nero, a new recruiter for “Second Chance” and a co-host of the new magazine “The Future is Us,” says she is fortunate to have collaborated on positive and hopeful programs. An investigative journalist opens the door to her world and tells us about her projects.

After working for several years in radio as a legal collaborator – on the morning show “Since We Have to Rise”, hosted by Paul Arcand, on 98.5 FM – Monique Nero is now working more in front of cameras than behind a microphone. The young woman says she was also honored to present the fourth season of “Second Chance”, accompanied by Marina Orsini, on Radio Canada.

“In 2019, I had the opportunity to work on the investigative documentary series Last Night with producer Guillaume Lespérance and content producer Manuelle Légaré, who are also working on“ Second Chance. ”We loved working together, and when they found out that Patrick Lagassi was not coming back, they introduced I have its place on a silver plate. I was really happy, but I didn’t expect to have such a wonderful experience. “

Stories rich in emotions

Monique Nero is used to making difficult investigations at the human level, and she makes no secret that she went through all sorts of emotions while filming the show.

“Second Chance participants are so optimistic about reuniting the important people in their lives that there are no announcements that would be easy to make, good or bad. When I had to announce the death of someone we were looking for, I collapsed. These are very powerful moments to try. The fact remains that it is. It is very nice and touching to see emotions in people’s faces during the reunion. I also hope Second Chance will have a fifth season, because we still have many great stories to tell. ”

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The young woman is very happy to share the main title of this show with her top star, Marina Orsini. “I’ve always loved Marina! When I was a kid, I listened to everything she does. I still pinch myself. I can’t believe working with her. However, we didn’t get the chance to meet often while filming, because we were filming our stories in parallel.”

A good dose of hope

Monique Nero is also proud to present the new magazine, The Future is Us, which she co-hosted with her friend and partner Emily Perrault. After working on Paul Arcand’s show, Emily and I wanted to develop a presentation project together. That’s how we created The Future for Us, a magazine based on solution journalism. It is a form of journalism that constructively deals with a problem by highlighting solutions to address it. From the season, we talk to members of the public and different personalities about ways of life as a couple, the environment, the economy, systemic racism, and various social issues. We want to give people some hope through everything we’re going through now. “

On a personal level, Monique Nero, a mother of a year-and-a-half-year-old named Tom, manages to reconcile his obligations with his family responsibilities. “My friend Frederick Nassif is a director. He is also part of the team of managers of“ Second Chance. ”Our son goes to nursery, and everything is going well for us. Tom stuns us every day with his extreme caution. He is“ heir of my love! ”She screams at the conclusion.

  • “Second Chance” is broadcast on Saturday at 8 pm on Radio Canada, and “The Future is Us” on Thursday at 9 pm on Télé-Québec.
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Upcoming Documentary: The Perfect Victim

Monique Nero and Emily Perrault, who first worked together in 2017 on the Gilbert Roson case, have every intention of releasing a documentary this year called The Perfect Victim.

For three years, we have followed people who have come through the justice system regarding sexual assault cases. Many of us have been captivated by their experiences and the fact that they were unable to go to court. We are looking at current concerns, and I think we will provide answers for what does not work in our justice system. This film must be shown in the spring or during the year. “

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