Selena Gomez angry after kidney transplant joke

Selena Gomez sees red after “The Good Fight” which shows a scene in which a kidney transplant was the subject of a joke.

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The 29-year-old star received a kidney transplant in 2017 after complications from lupus.

Then her friend Francia Ressa agreed to donate one of them.

This process has been the subject of jokes in the popular American series where the characters talk about taboo subjects of comedy.

They actually invoke the phrase “kidney transplant for Selena Gomez,” words that didn’t please the main interested party much after she had already parodied her health issues in the remake of “Saved by Bill.”

Annoyed, Selena took to Instagram this week to rant against the book.

“I don’t know why the jokes about kidney transplants have become a fad, but they apparently are,” she said.

“I hope if anyone comes up with this again while writing the script, someone will immediately oppose it and it won’t air. My fans always support me. I love you.”

Currently, the producers of “The Good Fight” have not released a statement about this joke. Paramount Plus Studios also remained silent.

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