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Self-employment economy: Ontario wants to guarantee a minimum wage

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Gigs can make $1,400 a week and only $500 the next, and they don’t know why. (Photo: 123RF)

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Reveal Mattein. Ontario could become the first Canadian province to provide income and protect employees of digital platforms like Uber or Doordash.

In the bill introduced on Monday, February 28, 2022, there is an attempt to better regulate working conditions in the “temporary labor economy” or the on-demand economy. It is aimed specifically at those who “provide car sharing, delivery or courier services”, it is written in the register of regulations, but others can be added.

In addition to ensuring a minimum wage – remember it’s currently $15 in Ontario – we want to make sure that employees can also get advice and that the companies that hire them respect the pay period.

In addition, the Ontario government wants to shed light on the operation of algorithms that affect salaries and job placements, but also the consequences of a poor assessment that a client leaves.

The bill requires the employer to send a letter explaining why the person was removed for having access to the platform.

It states that labor disputes in Ontario must be settled and provides immunity from retaliation if an employee attempts to enforce his or her rights.

in paper Posted by CBCIt should be noted that all labor disputes between Uber and its drivers in the Netherlands must be dealt with.

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Ontario Labor Minister Monty McNaughton said in an interview that few people can afford such a process. With CTV News.

He adds gig workers can earn $1,400 a week and just $500 the next, without knowing why. Some earn only $5 an hour, a situation he calls “unacceptable.” And that’s exactly what this bill aims to put an end to.

In March, a committee should be formed to consider the merits of these employees. Remember that in January, the Ontario government raised the province’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, excluding workers from the in-demand economy.

However, it is not yet known when the law will enter into force.

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