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Senators are calling for Caroline Roy to resign

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They ask in a letter addressed to Health Minister Christian Duby Immediate resignation or dismissal of Mrs. Caroline Roy and Mr. Claude Morin. We believe that the citizens of Senneterre are being violated in their rights and are in danger after the emergency shutdown of Senneterre 16 hours a day.-Can we read?

An hour earlier, the Center for Integrated Health and Social Services Abitibe-Timescaming gave its weekly press conference.

Then the chief executive of CISSS-AT said she was not surprised by the situations that have arisen in Senneterre since the emergency shutdown on Monday afternoon.

Many testimonies have been heard in the media and social networks since the beginning of the week, especially fromThe mother of her 21-month-old son, who was suffering from convulsions, had to be taken by ambulance as she herself drove to Val d’Or in a panic.

Caroline Roy stresses that her organization has correctly assessed the situation, but that measures have been taken to ensure the safety of residents despite the emergency shutdown 16 hours a day.

I guess what we can say now is that the service is there. Otherwise, it is not without effect, but yes it is offered and it is safe. That’s why we added an ambulance, and that’s why we’re also working with the medical team to review the service offer. We also have support for the population. We understood that in terms of transportation, it might be more difficult, so we made sure to be able to make agreements with taxi companies., Emphasizes.

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Caroline Roy also pleaded with Senter residents to calm down. She adds that she is open to solutions.

Asked about the plan presented by the municipality, which includes 8 and 12 hour schedules with staff in place to keep the service open, Ms Roy said that plan could not be implemented.

Relevant employees are consulted, the union party, which is necessary from the moment we want to change our working hours. It’s all in the analysis. What I can assure you today is that the plan as proposed, with the number of hours that was to be covered and the schedules that were proposed, does not correspond to reality or the needs of the personnel on site. The need for openness in services. On the other hand, work continuesSays Caroline Roy.

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