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Sentence in September for a father accused of incest

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Alan Binder
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The accused’s lawyer, Billy Boehme, questioned the credibility of the testimony of the two alleged victims. According to him, many conflicting points were heard during their testimony.

He also noted that his client worked 5 to 6 night shifts a week. However, according to the testimonies of the victims, the attacks took place at night.

For her part, criminal and criminal lawyer Florence Charlebois-Villeneuve noted that the accused appeared to be a controlling man and minimized all the actions he was accused of.

The public prosecutor also reminded the judge that the father never denied or confirmed that he sexually abused his children during this eight-day trial. As for her, the judge must reject all of the accused’s statements.

Throughout the arguments, the accused, seated in the courtroom, remained idly looking either straight ahead or toward the ground.

According to the indictment, the charges allegedly occurred between 2003 and 2020 in five towns in the Bas Saint Laurent and Gaspeze regions.

The court order prevents us from disclosing any information that would reveal the identity of the victims.

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