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Sexual harassment | Andrew Cuomo, once again charged and released by his party, rejects his resignation

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(New York) New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo again ruled out his resignation on Sunday after he was exposed to new charges of sexual harassment and calls from Democratic officials to leave.

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In office for ten years, the person who has been a symbol of fighting the pandemic has already been questioned by three women in the past 10 days over inappropriate, sexual gestures or comments.

Saturday , Washington Post And the Wall Street Journal Post two new testimonials regarding similar behavior on the part of the 63-year-old national team. Other former governor employees describe the work environment as “toxic.”

The sixty-year-old responded during a press conference by phone saying, “I will not resign due to allegations.” In a vacuum, he challenged the “credibility” of the accusations against him.

Wednesday, after the first salutation of the allegations, a Queens citizen said “deeply apologize” to those he managed to harm, while refuting any inappropriate gesture.

Andrea Stuart Cousins, the leader of the Democratic majority in the New York State Senate, joined several of her fellow local parliamentarians on Sunday in calling on Andrew Cuomo to step down.

Soon after, his House counterpart, Carl Hasty, followed suit, saying it was time for the governor to seriously question whether he (could) meet the expectations of New Yorkers under the circumstances.

On Friday, the two councils voted to withdraw the powers of the special governor delegated to him last year to manage the epidemic. The text has to be certified by Andrew Como himself. In the event of a veto, Parliament can override.

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The person concerned commented, “I was elected by the people of this country, not by the politicians.”

In addition to the harassment charges, Andrew Cuomo suspects he has intentionally underestimated the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes across the state, which has reached more than 13,000.

A federal investigation is under way to highlight the accusations.

Andrew Cuomo, who was a domestic political figure until last year, has gained international star status linked to his management of the pandemic, which is considered strict and reactive. Some even saw him as a presidential candidate and denied him any patriotic ambition.

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