Shaken, a California native becomes a millionaire instantly

A California woman had the misfortune of becoming a millionaire thanks to a “rude person” who pushed her and made her choose the scratch ticket she didn’t intend to buy.

California state lottery officials said in a statement Wednesday that when making his decision, he came across a stranger and accidentally made him press the wrong number on the machine last November.

“He just pushed me, didn’t say anything, and just walked out,” explained Laquedra Edwards.

Furious at not being able to make the usual choice, the lady got back to her car and started scratching her $30 ticket. Then I found out that she was the lucky winner of $10 million.

“I didn’t really believe it at first, but I found myself on the highway and just kept watching. [le ticket]She joked.

“I’m still shocked. All I remember when I found out how much I earned was ‘I’m rich!'”

Ms. Edwards plans to use her earnings by buying a new home and starting a non-profit organization.

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