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Share clipboard between Windows and Android

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In all respects, Microsoft provides a very practical everyday function for Windows and Android users: synchronize clipboard contents between your computer and smartphone. directions.

The news will bring a smile to all those Mac and iPhone users who have enjoyed similar functionality for a few years now: you can now copy texts or links to clipboard from your Android phone, then retrieve them automatically in Windows. The process also works the other way, from the computer to the smartphone. A very practical function for exchanging information between the two devices without having to send an email or message. For now, it is limited to texts and links (internet addresses). Photos cannot be synced. Additionally, the clipboard is shared through the cloud and thus requires an internet connection on both devices. Copied content remains available for one hour. Better not to mess around to get it back!

To achieve this, Microsoft relies on File keyboard The default SwiftKey (in version is available on Android (an app that was purchased a few years ago by Redmond). Free and customizable keyboard download from Google Play Store. As for the computer, it must be moved by Windows 10 (at least version 1809) or Windows 11, the newer version of the operating system. SwiftKey Keyboard and version windows You must finally be connected to the same Microsoft account to establish the sharing. Warning: Even if the SwiftKey keyboard is also present on iOS, this functionality is preserved for the time being Android.

How to sync clipboard between Windows and Android?

To copy and paste items between Android and Windows, you need to install the free SwiftKey virtual keyboard from Microsoft on your smartphone. internet connection, Microsoft account After that, a few adjustments are enough to establish the link between the two devices.

  • If you haven’t already, bring the SwiftKey keyboard back to your Android mobile phone.
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Download SwiftKey for Android

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install and enable the keyboard and then select it as the default keyboard (instead of Google Gboard).
  • With the keyboard in place, press Sign in with Microsoft To associate the keyboard with the Microsoft account used on your computer.
  • When SwiftKey is signed in to your Microsoft account, its settings are displayed. Click on rich start.
  • On the new page that appears, select clipboard.
  • Now turn on the switch Sync clipboard history. SwiftKey is now ready to share clipboard contents with Windows.
  • On your computer, press the keys Wins + I to access Windows settings. In the right column, choose System Then clipboard.
  • Everything is ready now. You can give it a try. Using your mobile phone, for example, select a text from an email and copy it to the clipboard using the button labeled with its name.
  • Switch to your computer and open Windows Notepad, for example. Press the usual shortcut to paste the contents of the clipboard (control+Fifth). The content copied from the phone is immediately pasted.
  • You can also use the shortcut Wins+Fifth To view all items copied to the clipboard for an hour and choose the item you want to paste.
  • The process also works from PC to smartphone. For example copy text from a webpage open in Windows using the shortcut control+NS.
  • On your Android mobile phone, for example, open a new note or launch any app that is able to greet the text. Click once in the edit text box to bring up the SwiftKey Keyboard. Journalism notepad icon.
  • The content stored in the synchronized clipboard is displayed. Contains all items recorded for one hour.
  • Just click on the one you want to paste.

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