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Magic Gesture to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac (No AirDrop)

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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The loud video shows a trick to instantly transfer a photo between iPhone and Mac or iPad, without going through AirDrop. A simple gesture on the screen of each device is enough, which will give this function the character of a magic trick.

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Some features Computers Modern smartphones can sometimes seem like magic, and that kind of sleight of hand is what’s all the rage right now. Video shared by Ali tik tok By a former Apple employee, he shows his surprise by discovering a way to instantly send photos between his brand’s different devices.

Simply display the respective image on Iphone And pinch with three fingers. On your Mac, do the reverse gesture (split between three fingers) in a text editor like Notes, Messages, or Email, and you’re done. It works in reverse as well as with IPAD. Of course, there are some conditions that must be met beforehand. hardware (MacAnd the IphoneiPad) with the same iCloud account, and you must activate Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi, as well as Handoff function on source and destination devices.

A job that has gone largely unnoticed for three years

This magic trick is based on global clipboard, a feature that was added in 2019. Its use in transferring text was well known, but due to the hype it made, it seems that most users were not aware of its potential for use with images. The three finger gestures are simply compatible with copy and paste functions.

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about Mac without touch screenIt seems that the image can be pasted with a three-finger gesture on a file The touchpad, but not to copy it. So it is enough to use the keyboard shortcut “Command and C”, or go through the “Edit” menu. The trick is not limited to text and images, it can also transfer files.

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