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She died on the plane. His family spends 8 hours next to his remains

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A British mother died on the plane while returning from Hong Kong with her family in early August, and her relatives had to spend the remaining eight hours on the plane next to her remains.

On August 5, Helen Rhodes flew from Hong Kong to return to the United Kingdom, after a 15-year absence. During the flight, she lost consciousness and died.

Although deeply affected by this tragedy, the family says they had time to say what they would say to the deceased mother.

They had to wait for the plane to land in Frankfurt, Germany before finally getting the body off the plane. Then her husband, Simon, and their two children, Nathan and Emma, ​​left her in Germany and returned to the United Kingdom.

a crowdfunding campaign It was started by Helen Rhodes’ boyfriend, Jane Gigi. The latter describes Helen as a very nice woman. “She was always ready to offer a hand or advice. She loved to talk and make friends easily,” Ms. Gigi writes.

Helen Rhodes, a distinguished seamstress, got her start designing neckties and other accessories. Her professional journey took her to Hong Kong where she lived nearly 15 years with her family.

After all this time, Helen, her husband, and their children were going home when she died.

This is an unimaginable loss. Helen was a devoted wife and mother. “It was the cement of her family,” Jane Gage says.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to help the family pay for Helen’s funeral and deal with their loss. More than 34,000 books, or approximately 53,000 Canadian dollars, have been collected so far.

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