Sherbrooke International Film Festival Closing

Sherbrooke International Film Festival ends Thursday evening with the screening of the film a team.

The winners of the Golden Rings Award for Best Feature Film and Best Documentary Film of the Evening, as well as the Favorite Audience Award, will also be revealed.

Festival director Malika Bajaji noted that several feature films have emerged this year. the movies Frida and the rocker From the desert particularly affected the audience in his opinion.

She is also pleased that the show rooms were well filled throughout the event.

The turnout exceeded our expectations. We are still in a pandemic situation and yet people have found a certain normal with the festival. People were able to talk about other things. »

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Malika Bajaji, Director of the Sherbrooke International Film Festival

The virus has not only had an impact on our bodies, but also our minds, our daily lives and the festival was a golden opportunity for festival goers to find each other, get back to their normal lives, and I think we made it. He. SheMalika Bhaji, thinks.

The festival has not yet been able to reveal how many visitors were welcomed throughout the event, but the entries already counted allow Malika Bajaji to say mission accomplished For this 9And Festival year.

On the way to 10And Editing

The organizers are already thinking about the anniversary edition that they will present next year for the 10And Festival year.

Malika Bajaji notes that the public is making a lot of suggestions to improve the presentation of the event for the coming year. People tell us: “Why don’t we honor such music?”. They suggest discussing some issues about the film. We have a lot of ideasindicates.

She says the entire team is already preparing to sit on the drawing board to plan this next edition of the festival, once the results for the 2022 edition are complete.

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