Thursday, February 29, 2024

SNK reveals Dolores and announces beta test and full details

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Among the rare games that sparked the gathering during this really uninteresting state was The King of Fighters XV (KOF XV for Close Friends), which is illustrated by a new trailer. Perfect timing since early Thursday morning for SNK to release a new video on its game for several months now. He’s alongside newcomer to the KOF team being introduced today, Dolores. You’ll also join Isla and Heidern, who were recently introduced, to form an unexpected team.

If we could see it in the previous trailers, this new video gives a better overview of this well-groomed, braided-haired woman. During State of Play, SNK has also announced the creation of a beta phase that will open only on PS4 and PS5 from November 19 (4AM, French time) through November 22 inclusive. Those who participate in the event will be able to test 8 characters in total and several offline and online modes. And the icing on the cake, when released, the KOF XV will sell for just €39.99. This is called a good deal.

KOF XV beta test

normal match
match room

Offline online

playable characters
Chizuru Kagura
Iori Yagami
Kyu Kusanagi
Yashiro Nanakase

The fifteenth king of fighters

The fifteenth king of fighters

The fifteenth king of fighters

The fifteenth king of fighters

The fifteenth king of fighters

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