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Blackhawk: Kyle Petsch reveals he is the victim of Brad Aldrich

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Beach participated in a video interview on TSN with investigative journalist Rick Westhead, who has been following the case since day one.

He was identified only under the pseudonym John Doe 1 in official documents submitted in 2010.

Yesterday was filled with many emotions. I cried, I laughed, I cried again. My girlfriend and I didn’t know how to feel, I hugged her, she’s been my announcer since the beginning of this storyThis beach.

The striker, who has never played in the National Hockey League (NHL), but has enjoyed a long career in the Major League (AHL), ECHL and in Europe, recounted how he described his family’s realities.

I told them shortly after this happened. I remember my mom cried for days, I thought she should have protected me and I felt helpless.

Beach also described how he felt when he saw Aldrich participating in the festivities, after telling another employee that he had been sexually assaulted.

Like I’m sick. It is as if her life has not changed. He was there to take the team photo, raise the trophy, take part in the parade… He gave me the impression that I was nothing. It was as if it was within his rights, and I was the one making a mistake, that I put myself in this situation.

Quote from:Kyle Beach

The Blackhawks went to visit a school with the trophy… words can’t describe it, he added.

Beach also explained how testimonials Brent Sobel And Nick Boynton has Given the courage to move forward.

The story caught on quickly. I firmly believe that everyone knows it. comments [à mon sujet] Made in the dressing room, in front of other players, other employees, management, and members of the mediaContinuous beach.

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I take Sobel and Boynton on their word because I had nothing to do with them. I haven’t spoken to them since my last bootcamp. So, they take the trouble to defend my version of the facts, without having anything to gain… When I was alone, I was afraid, John Torchetti, Brent Sobel and Nick Boynton broke the silence and gave me the courage to go on. They are my heroes.

Beach burst into tears when it came to another of Aldrich’s victims. Years after leaving the Blackhawks, he was hired privately by USA Hockey and the high school hockey program, where he assaulted another player.

If I could talk to him, I would first like to apologize. Apologize for not doing more to make sure something like this doesn’t happen to someone else, for not being able to protect them. But I also want to thank him because I decided to start my business when one of my teammates told me to do a Google search on Aldrich, and that’s how I found out he had assaulted a teenager. in Michigan.

Quote from:Kyle Beach

This is what gave me the strength and motivation to make a difference. So I apologize again and thank you. If he’s open to meeting me, I’d like to do it to tell him in person, unfortunately we share something horrible, but we can work together to make sure that doesn’t happen again.Continue to the beach.

The investigation led to Black Hawks General Manager Stan Bowman resigns, who was in office at the time.

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What the Black Hawks did yesterday was a good step in the right direction. They have accepted their responsibility. Three months ago, the NHL didn’t want an investigation. Organism US SafeSport Do not want to take the file. And now, in the editions that came out, Stan Bowman noted that Quinville said performances were more important than sexual assault.

As a human, I don’t believe this, and I don’t believe Quinville when he says he doesn’t know. I watched meetings after my degree in Queenville’s office. It is impossible that he does not knowBeach said.

He will meet with Commissioner Gary Bateman Kevin Sheffield And Joel Quinville, Thursday.

In a statement following the broadcast of the Kyle Beach interview, Blackhawk apologized.

As an organization, the Chicago Blackhawks reiterate their deepest apologies for what happened to Kyle Beach and for the organization’s failures when he bravely reported what happened in 2010. It is inexplicable that management at the time took the time to act. No game or league is more important than our players or staff.

The Blackhawks have implemented new measures, including appointing a new management team committed to winning championships, while maintaining the highest ethical, professional and sporting standards., can we also read in the note.

There were two players from the current version of the Blackhawks in 2010: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. It has not been made available to the media because it is subject to the COVID protocol.

Duncan Keith, today with the Edmonton Oilers, denied any knowledge of the matter Wednesday morning, prior to the Beach interview.

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Obviously you think of the person who gets to the heart of the matter first, it takes a lot of courage to break the silence. I didn’t know any of this. In the qualifiers, I was completely focused on our goal, and that goal was to win.

I know it’s hard to understand, but there are players who say everyone knows… Maybe not everyone knowsDefender said.

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