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Soon a Guinness World Record for Acadian director Phil Como

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With this award, awarded by the International Film Festival Indie Movies Spark, in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Phil Cuomo has set the record for the most awards for a documentary film in the world.

He has won these many awards in nearly 60 countries since the release of his documentary in 2019.

I already called them and they told me I can send [l’inscription] When I want, because obviously I won the record, says Phil Cuomo.

“Belle-Île en Acadie” is a documentary film by Nova Scotia-based director Phil Como.

Image source: Phil Comeau

He waits a month before he sends his official file to the organization in the matter of accumulating more awards.

There are still other festivals to come and I don’t want to give up the movie throne too quickly later in a year or two or five years., adds the documentary director from Saulnierville, Nova Scotia.

Mr. Cuomo promoted his documentary himself Bel Elle in AcadiaIt can even be shown at festivals that doubled. Noting that the work was winning awards, other festivals wanted it in their shows.

Bel Elle in Acadia Filmed at the Maritimes in 2019 before and during the Congrès mondial acadien. The documentary filmmaker meets and follows a group of Acadians who came from Belle-Ile-en-Mer in France to meet them. Cousins Then explore the places of origin of their deported ancestors.

This is the sequel to his movie Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Breton and Acadian Island Which follows a group of Acadians from here who set out to discover this region in France and the Acadian people in Bileloa.

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