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Soon no need to go to the eye doctor to get glasses?

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  • The first prescription for eyeglasses and lenses is currently reserved for doctors.
  • 36% of patients who came for an eye examination with an ophthalmologist were diagnosed with other diseases.

The Social Security funding bill of 2022 has been submitted to a vote in the National Assembly and Senate since October 20, and plans to expand orthopedic skills at the licensing level by giving them the right to an initial prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses without medical supervision.

‘ridiculous, dangerous and unnecessary’

Judgment Scale Absurd, dangerous and unnecessary by more than 90% of ophthalmologists, according to a study conducted by SNOF among a panel of 1,986 respondents. Ophthalmologists in particular point the finger at de-medicalization of patient observation and worry about the increased risk of late diagnosis of some eye diseases. Educated societies and patient associations (SFO, SFOALC, AFG, FFM-SR) also warn of the dangers of this reform that opens patient care to only trained health aides in three years, as opposed to 12 years for an ophthalmologist.

Dr. Thierry Burr, President of SNOF announced: “This Article 40 of the bill submitted to Parliament represents a real danger to the trajectory of ophthalmology care. While France is the first in Europe to screen for glaucoma and appointment times tend to improve significantly, the public authorities are fundamentally changing the health system here, based on To a study dated DREES for 2018. Since then, the sector has achieved things by focusing on collaboration and task-sharing.”

‘Climate of mistrust’

Add : “Cooperation between ophthalmologists and orthoptists has hitherto been used in a complementary way to enhance the presentation of care and maintain medical care. In addition to the dire consequences for patient care, Article 40 would destroy everything that this collaborative work of health professionals does, by creating a climate of distrust within the sector.” 7 out of 10 ophthalmologists claim that they would see their confidence in orthotics deteriorate if the article was voted on.

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