South Africa: suspected fisherman trampled by elephants dies

Johannesburg | A suspected hunter died over the weekend, after being run over by a herd of elephants while trying to escape from border guards with two accomplices, in the famous Kruger Park in South Africa, we learned on Monday from the Parks Department (Sun Park).

Sun Park spokesman Isaac Bahla told AFP that the body of a “trampled” man was found on Sunday.

On Saturday, national park rangers spotted men suspected of being poachers as they patrolled and set out on the chase.

The park authorities said in a statement that “the dead man and his accomplices were fleeing the guards when they encountered a herd of elephants in the breeding season.”

“They dropped an ax and a bag of supplies,” says Sun Park, while fleeing. According to Mr. Bahla, it is possible that these men were hunting rhinos in the protected natural park.

The guards managed to capture a member of the trio. The third suspect, who is still wanted, was reportedly hit in the eye. A rifle was also found. The police opened an investigation.

South Africa, home to nearly 80% of the population of rhinos on the planet, saw a decline in the number of specimens killed for the sixth year in a row.

But poachers, in response to the strong demand for rhinoceros horns in Asia, where they are used for their alleged virtues, in traditional medicine or as an aphrodisiac, continue their raids and attacks.

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