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Space RPG introduces a new DLC called Frontiers

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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If No Man’s Sky when it was released was a huge disappointment, that is no longer the case today. Content additions continue to rain into space, with new “Frontiers” downloadable content revealed in fall 2021.

No Man’s Sky is the tragic story of an ambitious game that was released very early. At the center of many controversies when it was released in 2016, developer Hello Games has since continued to work and improve its flagship project, without giving up. Today, No Man’s Sky is an enchanting game, with many qualities that make it one of the standards of space RPGs. However, Hello Games has not finished bringing us new content. The “Border” patch, or 3.6 for Close Friends, is offered with a trailer, with several new features that we detail in this article.

Frontier is the 17th expansion of free content in No Man’s Sky. It must be said that there was work. This 3.6 patch introduces several significant new features, enhancing the RPG side of the game. We can especially see the addition of procedurally generated towns and villages, both outdoors and indoors, populated with different NPCs with their own courses . Life and various tasks that will allow you to increase your reputation, even if you are elected a moderator. And yes, because this extension also introduces the city management system; Once you reach the rank of Supervisor, you will be able to modify and expand your favorite city, while defending it against invading guards. Amazing additions that will enhance the dynamics of the different worlds discovered.

In addition, Patch 3.6 also introduces a new element in space, colorful nebulae, which, it must be admitted, make the landscape very amazing. In addition, Hello Games also planned to increase the number of global savings from 5 to 15, and to increase its capabilities, to allow the largest gaming sessions to be saved. One last thing to note, Expedition 3 “Cartographer” will be provided, and you’ll be given a brutal companion egg. Enough to keep you company in the coolness of the vast space.

The “Frontiers” expansion proves that No Man’s Sky deserves a closer look than ever. Still very popular with its developers, the game offers an unparalleled sandbox experience, which will appeal to lovers of exploration, sci-fi and building. The game is available at PS4and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. It’s also an integral part of the games available in your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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