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Stefan’s Desk: “I Leave Others To Crawl And Ask For Forgiveness”

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Tony Vaughn
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Stéphane’s office flatly rejects the conclusions of the Canadian Broadcasting Ombudsman, who ruled that the Here Première host had violated Crown Corporation journalistic standards and practices when he welcomed controversial French doctor Didier Raoult on his show, Of course surely.

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“I will not apologize for doing what seemed, and still seems to me, an ordinary, perhaps ordinary interview.” What is totally unnatural and not trivial is the proportions the relationship has taken. “So I’m going to let others crawl and ask for forgiveness,” Stephen Desk said, during his Friday morning show.

In a decision announced Wednesday after a complaint was filed, Ombudsman Pierre Champox believes Stephan’s office should have asked more questions to “rephrase or correct” some erroneous statements by a doctor known to have promoted hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

thought that the team Of course surely He should have taken advantage of the fact that the interview was taped six days before it was broadcast to take the necessary steps to set things right.

Opinion is not shared and is not respected

Stefan’s office response was unequivocal. “The habit makes me say: I respect the opinion of the Ombudsman, but I do not share it. However, I do not share it and I do not respect it either.”

The facilitator does not see why extra precautions should be taken when receiving “some controversial undesirables” and believes that the audience should not be “self-sufficient”.

call him Newspaper, a CBC spokesperson said management had held discussions with Mr. Bureau and that there would be no disciplinary action against him.

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