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Stupid Farewell Big Winner of 46th Cesar Awards

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(Paris) On Friday, the Kaiser was crowned the king of acidic humor and absurdity Albert Dupontel Goodbye, foolsAt the end of an evening marked by cries of help from the cultural sector and a desire to celebrate diversity.

Francois Baker
France Media

Seven awards in total: Albert Dupontel, who won for the first time, at 57, Best Picture, is the biggest winner in that 46H Against the background of the pandemic.

This comedy of the actor and director, who emerged from his absence on Friday night at the Olympia, also won the Cesar Award for Best Director, for the role of the supporting man (Nicholas Marie) and was the choice of high school students.

Possibly the evening’s big disappointment is Emmanuel Moreh, who started out as a favorite with his 13 quotes The things we say, the things we do And left empty-handed, just like François Ozon (Summer 85), Used to calling it and … leaving it empty-handed.

PHOTO BERTRAND GUAY, French press agency

Laure Calame

As for the artists, Laure Calamy was rewarded for Antoinette in Seven Her character as a novice hiker, accompanied by a donkey, charmed the crowds among the newlyweds.

Winds of Change

Sami Bouajila, won the Cesar Award for Best Actor for SonBy Mehdi Barsawi, in which he plays a torn father. “I often get the impression that the roles choose us more than we choose,” he said upon receiving his award, explaining how the filming in the Tunisian desert reminded him of his father’s childhood stories.


Sami Bouajla

He succeeds Rushdi Zem, which was crowned last year. This year’s president of a long-awaited party on diversity issues, the latter inaugurated the celebrations by stressing that “the profession is changing.[ait] ».

The first awards also immediately saw a change in the era as Jean Pascal Zadi and Fethiye Youssef, two black actors, crowned the best hopes.

The first, Best New Male, is the writer and co-director (with John Wax) and lead actor for Simply blackComedy that attacks racist cliches. This cinematic UFO, which he says speaks “above all humanity”, has appeared on the screens.

Receiving his award, Jean Pascal Zade, quoted the thinker Franz Fanon: “It is incumbent upon every generation to find, fulfill or betray its message.”


Jean Pascal Zade

For The Césars, a leading institution of French cinema, long undermined by accusations of self-esteem and obfuscation, which ended last year during the coronation of Roman Polanski, the appointment is very symbolic.

Especially since it came after the victory of Fathia Youssef, who was crowned only 14 years old Attractive, A film about adolescence in Paris, between Senegalese polygamous family traditions and social networks.

On the other hand, parity remains the far horizon in the charts.

“We are completely naked”

In addition to these questions, the evening’s greatest concern was clearly the health crisis, and the theater has on several occasions served as a platform for expressing the despair of the cultural world.

« No culture, no future On your belly, “Give us back art, jean” on the back: Actress Corinne Massiero, the nickname Captain Marlowe on the small screen, made an impression by taking off a bloody donkey skin costume, and found herself completely naked on stage in order to present the Best Costume Award.


Corinne Massiero (left) with party mistress Marina Foss

“Now, we are like this,” she said, “completely naked,” she used sanitary tampons in the ears, and she wants to support intermittent viewing in particular.

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“My children can go to Zara and not the cinema … It is incomprehensible! We need a political will in order for the cinema to continue to develop. You must take on this responsibility as a minister,” also declared Stefan Demostier, who got Cesar for the best adaptation of The Girl With The BraceletAbout the Minister of Culture Roselyn Bashlow.

This person, who is present, but not in the room because of the health protocol, sent upon his arrival a “message of hope”: “We are in the process of building with the Gaza Strip for conditions for reopening the rooms,” he was insured.

46H Cesar’s concert was also an opportunity to honor late artists, including Jean-Pierre Bakri, who passed away in January. History To find a little bit of a sense of celebration, Splendid’s squad has been awarded the memory of Cesar.

The winners

the best movie: Goodbye, foolsBy Albert Dupontel

Best Director: Albert Dupontel Goodbye, fools

Best Actress: Laure Calamy, in Antoinette in Seven

Best Actor: Sami Bouajila Son

Best Supporting Actress: Emily Deakin, Vs. The things we say, the things we do

Best Supporting Actor: Nicholas Marie, in Goodbye, fools

Best Promising Actress: Fathia Youssef In Attractive

Best Newcomer: Jean Pascal Zade, in Simply black

Best First Film: who are theyWritten by Filippo Meneghetti

Best Original Screenplay: Albert Dupontel Goodbye, fools

Best Screen Modification: Stéphane Demoustier, for The Girl With The Bracelet

Best Original Music: Rone, for In the evening

Best Foreign Film: drunkBy Thomas Winterberg

Best Animated Film: JosepFrom Uriel

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Best Documentary Film: TeenagersBy Sebastian Lifshitz

Best Production Design: Carlos Conti, for Goodbye, fools

Best costume: Madeleine Fontaine for the good Wife

Caesar is a high school student: Goodbye, foolsBy Albert Dupontel

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