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Symphorian | ★★★ ½ funny nostalgia

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Marcel Gamacci’s scholar tells us about a bygone era. The screenwriter, who died in 1995, wrote create basilAnd the SymphoryAnd the The geniuses… hit tv series. Comedy soap operas are popular, well-meaning, semi-improvised. With her mother-in-law jokes, far from gags and today’s comedy surfing the controversy.

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Luke Boulanger

Luke Boulanger

Other times, other morals. Why do you produce? Symphory In the theater in 2022? Just for nostalgic fun, that time when laughter was synonymous with neglect. And where you can laugh at anything with anyone. If you’re not worthy of a laughingstock, you are not worth much, as the saying goes.

This is the reason for the return Symphory 2022, organized by Pierre Hoyt and Louis Saya, “According to the characters, imagination and scenarios of Marcel Gamachy”, is a rather successful project. Of course, the production shown at Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, prior to a tour of Quebec, is aimed at a target audience … and a very unified audience.

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part of the distribution Symphory. a play At the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne

As soon as the curtain goes up, onlookers joyfully discover a cool jean decor. The designer recreated the pension from the TV series as is, with a wooden staircase, a front door in the middle, stained glass windows, etc. The costumes and props (from Steinberg’s bag to the wall-mounted phone) also take us back to the early ’80s, where the TV series ended.

The characters are just as identical as the setting: the good janitor, Symphorian, father of 14, with his little moustache; His silly brother Avram with his many questions and failed jokes. Madame Sylvain, with her curves and stinginess; Perth to spears, spinster as fervently as her ill will. Nothing has changed!

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So the company’s success depends on the talent of the performers, who forever defend the colorful characters in memory of the legendary actors. Gilles Latulipe, Juliette Hoot, Jean-Louis Millet, Denis Drouin…but, this is a feat, most of them manage to customize their role…without making us forget the previous sitcom actors.

Francois Chenier is amazing as Symphony! Martin Héroux, Éphrem, is also incredibly similar to Fernand Gignac. The scene where the two brothers go jogging is unforgettable!

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Actor Francois Chenier, justly baffled in Symphorian skin

Natalie Mallet, Michelle Labonte and Anne-Marie Bennett also provide In Great Condition, an unforgettable experience Ceremony of loud girls. Stefan Cotte accurately embodies four secondary characters, including the erotic priest. On the other hand, talented Patrice Coquero, who plays the unspeakable Oscar Bellemare, among others, seemed nervous and hesitant to us on the evening of the media premiere.

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Francois Chenier, Patrice Coquerou, and Michel Labonte V Symphory

The play, calmly presented by Pierre Seguin and Saya, lies somewhere between tribute and a new proposal. It’s a production to see, if you like to laugh heartily… and remember the time before.



Based on the work of Marcel Gamacci

Old Turbon Theatreuntil August 14, then on a tour of Quebec from September 10


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