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Mayor of Quebec leaves political life

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As a result, the mayor will not run for another term in the upcoming municipal elections.

This ad comfort me and I know it will relieve me and who knows, maybe my opponents, Mr. Labeaume dropped.

Regis Labium says he wants to use the time he’s left near his loved ones.

This decision has been considered, matured, and taken for a very long time, actually over 4 years. When I was first elected mayor in 2007, my biggest hope was to stay there for 10 years. […] I am starting a new career in my 60s. At age 65, my plan didn’t work.

I literally have this city in my own skin and cherish it.

Quote from:Regis Laboom

Régis Labeaume at a press conference on Wednesday, May 5.

Photo: Radio Canada / Carl Boeven


For several months, the mayor had been suggesting that his political future was closely tied to the development of the tram project.

This file has witnessed important developments in recent weeks.

I couldn’t leave this position without starting this great project for sustainable mobility in our city so essential to our future. Otherwise, I would have been disappointed in myself, and disappointed with the time spent in politics. But the 2017 election was just the last for me and made myself a commitment to achieving a resultThe mayor explains.

City financially stabilized despite the circumstances […] I have a feeling that I will leave the house in order, He adds.

Mayor Labeaume is about to drink a glass of water.

“I am satisfied with the politics,” the mayor called out to the journalists present.

Photo: Radio Canada / Carl Boeven

Politics is above the man

Mayor Laboum also made clear the predominant place of politics in his life.

Professionally, this position will allow me to live the best years of my life in my existence, but we all know it’s not really a profession. For me this responsibility from the very first hours became a way of life. I didn’t live in politics, I would have preferred to live for politics, intensively, completely, for 14 years.

Regis Laboom has also returned to his fighting style, which has been criticized at times in politics.

Of course, we were able to question the method and the methodThe mayor fired. But I always thought finish was everything and had no doubts about my deepest beliefs in making this the most attractive city in the country..

In response to a question from a journalist about the most important events that he went through during his tenure, the mayor replied: These are the two tragedies. The mosque was horrible, horrible …

Mr. Labium confirms that he has no career plans and that he now wants to sleep.

My plan is rest, sleep, sleep and sleeprepeat. But I won’t start complaining. I am a special person in the community so I will not complain.

Longs for a normal life. I cannot wait to live normally.

Regis Labium has been elected President of Quebec City since December 2007.

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