Tania Lapointe | Watchtower of a planet called Villeneuve

Her name has never appeared on the list of finalists before, but Tania Lapointe will once again experience Oscar night on Sunday. Having previously covered the party as a journalist, she is now attending as executive producer of dunes.

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Marc André Loser

Marc Andre Loser

Ask Denis Villeneuve to tell you about Tanya Lapointe and he’ll tell you right away that he can’t imagine his work without her.

“She gives me very basic support in terms of logistics and production,” he explains. She has a tremendous instinct, she has a sense of humanity, she knows how to run a team and ensure that everyone can give their best. Legendary people [la société productrice de Dune] I love him and give him more and more responsibilities. I really like the way she has been able to assert herself. When people have problems to solve, they call Tanya, not me! »

This professional collaboration started while filming a movieArrival. Then the former cultural journalist closely followed the shooting of the film with genuine interest and deep curiosity.

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Tania La Pointe on set dunes

“The world of cinema has always taken an interest in me and I am fascinated by his production,” Tania Lapointe reveals during an interview with him Journalism. After noticing everything that was going on, I thought to myself that maybe I could contribute to improving the system. Gradually, I understood that the need for communication was necessary between the different teams, especially since filming a movie Blade Runner 2049, then in the preparatory period, it was to be held in Budapest for several months. You’ve become a bit of a watchtower! »

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It is, however, by writing The Art and Spirit of Blade Runner 2049 That her career as a producer really gave birth. The project of this book has already allowed Tania Lapointe to synthesize the experience that she lived through this feature film, to reflect on it and, above all, to discuss it with all the craftsmen. She was able to understand their needs.

I think my strength lies in solving problems before they arise, in fact avoiding them. You should have good antennas, make sure everyone is okay and can thrive creatively.

Tania La Pointe

“I think being a journalist for 15 years at Radio Canada helped build this bond of trust with the teams,” she adds.

One power couple in Hollywood

Tania Lapointe and Denis Villeneuve today have a picture power couple In the world of cinema but the two lovers were very keen at first that the person who was the first assistant in post-production would beArrival She is not seen as “blonde”.

“on set Blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve says people learned she was my wife, too, only a few months later. Tania has proven herself thanks to her great professionalism and is highly respected by everyone. »

“I know that working with your wife is a risk,” adds Tania Lapointe. But our situation isn’t unique – think Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas – and it could very well happen. I’m pround of it. Having said that, I had a career before Denise, and in my opinion, it goes without saying that I can exist in this environment. »

Great Clark photo, courtesy of the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles

Tania Lapointe and Denis Villeneuve attended the reception held Thursday at the official residence of the Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles.

Tania Lapointe does not rule out the possibility of making a film for one filmmaker or another, but let’s say, for now, Denis Villeneuve’s very busy schedule is also hers.

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“Moreover, we love working together,” she adds. She also produced and directed documentaries [50/50 – Le documentaire et Lafortune en papier] These experiences with smaller budget projects have been very helpful to me. Dennis’ projects are so demanding that they require complete focus, but I will nonetheless continue to take care of my projects in parallel, on the fringes of Dennis’ projects. »

investigation project

Among these projects, we should especially count the production of a feature film based on the case of Chantal Daegel, this young woman who, in 1989, had to defend her right to an abortion in the face of an injunction request from Jean-Guy Tremblay, the putative father.

“Karen Vanas and Natalie Brigitte Bustos have contacted me to ensure this project is realised, but this project is really in the pre-natal stage,” Tania Lapointe notes. We are in the scriptwriting stage with Valérie Beaugrand-Champagne. The material is rich and I think the way we look at this The story today makes it still relevant.”

Does she also have the impression that she lives a completely different life today than before? Yes and no, answers Tania Lapointe.

“I feel like everything I’ve been through before has prepared me for my life now. It’s as if I knew what I was going to get into, and what it would be like. For example, the Consul General’s reception of Canada earlier this week, I was there seven times as a journalist I had the same feeling when we met at the Venice Film Festival, a festival I also covered when I was working at Radio Canada. I think all these experiences led me to where I am now. So yeah, my life today is different, but it doesn’t cancel out in any way. Shapes everything that happened before, on the contrary. »

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