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Test concert in Barcelona | Organizers said “no sign” of the infection

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(Barcelona) The experience has something to give hope to the world of culture: There was, according to the organizers, no “sign” of contagion after the test concert of 5,000 people at the end of March in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where the masked audience was able to dance without a distance.

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Two weeks after this indie rock band Love of Lesbian concert on March 27, Dr. Josep Maria Llibre, of Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalon, said during a press conference.

Subject to antigen tests prior to the event, participants were not necessarily tested afterwards.

The six positive “asymptomatic” cases were officially detected among 5,000 spectators two weeks after the concert as part of the regular health system checks.

So it is possible that other asymptomatic cases have gone under the radar because unless they are showing symptoms or have been in contact with a case, the participants, who all had to wear FFP2 masks during the show, have no reason to get tested.

“For four of these six cases, we are certain that the transmission was not made during the ceremony,” organizers said.

For the other two, infectious disease specialist Boris Revolo said, “there is a very high chance of not being contaminated” in the room.

However, the organizers assured that their goal has been achieved: to show that concerts are possible despite COVID-19.

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Josep Maria Lieber noted that this ceremony “proves that we can run a massive testing campaign one morning and in a smooth manner.”

There is no “hypertransmission”

“We can say that there was no ‘super transmission’ during the concert. ” Dr. Revolo told AFP:` `It shows that we can organize safe events to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. ”

In addition to the FFP2 tests and masks, ventilation and reception capabilities were tightly controlled in critical locations such as toilets.

Organized by a group of festivals, music promoters and Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, this experiment is one of the few that has taken place in Europe in the field of contemporary music.

Another test party was held at the beginning of March in the Netherlands with the participation of 1,300 people.

It was already in Barcelona, ​​in December, with the same team of researchers, that 500 participants attended a concert, standing, glued together but masked. This time, they underwent a PCR test and after eight days none of them were infected.

During this rushed conference, Jaume Colboni, first vice-mayor of Barcelona, ​​cheered, “Once again, the culture of Barcelona and Barcelona are pioneers in an unprecedented situation where cultural activity must be preserved with all health guarantees.”

“It is possible to ease restrictions and combine this with cultural activities that must be resumed,” he said.

“The eyes of the world were upon us,” excited the Bonsa angels, responsible for culture within the Catalan regional government. “On the day of the party, we hugged each other, tears in our eyes: it seemed impossible for us and we made it possible,” she added.

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