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Test du jeu The Artful Escape (Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, Game Pass)

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Living in someone else’s shadow is never easy, especially if everyone looks at you as the rising star that will replace the lost one…

thank you Xbox Canada who gave us a free Game Pass Ultimate code for coverage and media testing. Therefore, the publisher/developer authorizes us to distribute and/or use extracts from the game for our production needs and does not interfere in any way with the award of the final grade. # Article13Free

Searching for galaxies with dialects of the interstellar opera

If you are a fan of music especially guitar solos, this game artful escape From Beethoven and dinosaur And Annapurna Interactive It can attract your musical ear. By crossing gameplay elements such as Curriculumg and audio reproduction group (music memorization game), the adventure presented to you here should satisfy you. Enter a world Frances Venditi In order to accompany him to find his way out of his uncle Johnson’s shadow…

Indeed, The Artful Escape is above all a narrative adventure game, putting us in the shoes of a young Francis Venditi, who will literally travel from planet to planet to find and bring to light his personal identity. It is by traversing the environments through his journeys in Cosmic ExtraordinaryThat he will somehow meet a mentor and mentor. Personally, aside from the few places where we feel the points don’t connect perfectly, I loved this galaxy-hunting adventure for the Francis Identity.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the game’s visuals. Not because it shocks us with hyperrealism, but because it is so colorful and its light effects give us the impression of attending a rock show. Moreover, that little magical touch that makes the environment interact with playing the guitar (pressing the . button) by Francis is really cool, especially since effects are of all kinds possible! Caves are illuminated by a thousand lights, animals come to life and adopt different reactions, in short, the sound and light party presented in the game is very exhilarating.

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If you have played games like Alpha planetAnd Limbo Wow insideIn The Artful Escape, you will find many items Play close to them. At the 2.5D level, we developed Francis avoiding some obstacles or falling into holes. But here, there is nothing too difficult, believe me. To add a layer to Play Slightly thin, strings of musical memorization will occur in a few places. With 5 buttons, we will be called to reproduce certain sequences given by some of the creatures encountered.

These moments are well done, and perhaps the atmosphere you create is what will challenge you in the game. Plus a small problem with the response time delay between the moment you press the button and the result on the screen, everything is fine! And when we come to the last moments ofClashesThe music and atmosphere have become so epic and satisfying!


Overall, The Artful Escape is a very good game, but it will appeal more to those with a more enthusiastic musical ear or to musicians who are particularly interested in all sounds no matter where they are. And if you’re a Game Pass member, here’s one that won’t cost you anything to try. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay $25 to get it, which is true for the general quality of the game, but it’s probably a bit pricey for its rather low lifespan of around 4-5 hours. In short, I personally highly recommend it!

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Note that the tested version is the existing version Xbox Xbox X. The game is also available on Xbox One, PC, and Game Pass.

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