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Thanks to the knowledge of a midwife, she gives birth to twins in the ambulance while being evacuated

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The Minister of Health, Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage, Pierre Demba, can be proud of Mrs. Bahi Nadig Barbara, midwife at Okroyo Rural Health Centre, Sobre Health District. He described her heroic deed.

The condition of the pregnant woman required evacuation in Sobre

According to our sources, a full-term woman went to Okrouyo Rural Health Center this Saturday, September 17, 2022 in order to give birth. But his condition required him to be transferred to the Sopres General Hospital, at a higher technical level. Then she was rushed to an ambulance.

The problem is that the recent rains made the road impassable and the ambulance was struggling to make progress when the pregnant woman was already in labour. The midwife Bhai Nadege Barbara who was at her side used her knowledge and relied on her experience to achieve the miracle.

In the end the lady gave birth in the ambulance. Twins, a boy and a girl, act like magic, according to Linfodrome sources.

He informed the Minister of Health, Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage, Pierre Demba, aware of the situation, sending his congratulations to midwife Bhi Nadej Barbara, the “superheroine of the day”.

“Congratulations to today’s superhero, the midwife who knew how to apply emergency protocol in the event of an evacuation”

“Congratulations to today’s superhero, a midwife who was able to implement emergency protocol in the event of an evacuation, good practices our department encourages and strongly calls on all health workers to perpetuate anywhere, anytime,” he said.

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Pierre Demba took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the “super heroine of the day” and to his colleagues “who have just shown that we have competent personnel capable of serving even in the most extreme conditions, including in emergency situations.”

The poor condition of the Okroyo Highway hampered the express evacuation of the pregnant woman. Surely, thanks to the professionalism of the midwife, everything went well. But netizens took the opportunity to draw the attention of the “authorities, politicians, regional executives, economic operators, bona fide” to the condition of this road and begged them to “intervene so that the road to Okroyo can be reached”.

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