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Thirty-seventh Gemini Party | Gemini, between rhinestones and tension

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Sure enough, the Gemini party organizers let out a shriek of goosebumps, as they were ripping hair in a handful, after posting the ratings for the Emmy party that were reported by NBC Monday night.

Posted at 7:15 a.m.

The Emmys has hit rock bottom! Worst Party Than COVID-19 In 2020! The numbers have never been so rotten in the history of this party!

The pandemic alone cannot take the blame for the Emmy disaster, which celebrates the veneration of American television. Glittering stars walked the red carpet, designers’ dresses were piled up, but the audience was angry. still. This downward trend affects all festivals, both here and in the United States.

The Emmys have been criticized for rewarding only prestigious TV, the popular TV payment platform, at the expense of free TV from major channels such as CBS, ABC or NBC. In fact, HBO, Apple TV+, and Netflix products garnered just about everything at the recent Emmys. but what do you want, SuccessionAnd the Ted LassoAnd the white lotusAnd the trance And the squid game It was far superior to more classic products of conventional antennas such as good doctor where Chicago fire.

Les Gémeaux, which will be run by Véronique Cloutier on Sunday evening on Radio Canada, is no exception to the trend that divides so-called rich television from so-called regular television.

In the race for this year’s coveted Drama Series award, three of the five finalists began their media career on high-end services. It is ‘criminal case (graves), This is how I love you 2 ( Extra) and berry time (Club Elico).

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One of the most mentioned series in this issue 37e TV party from here either comedy Audrey is back, until she changed announcers mid-season, moving from Videotron’s Club Illico to Télé-Québec. In the end, TVA never delivered it in prime time.

I was a huge fan in the past, and I don’t like Gala, Quebec or international parties anymore. The surrounding political correction is now flattening the fiercest gags. These festive evenings have fallen back on the smooth and predictable side, as broadcasters fear controversy as Norman Damore fears the union investigation of Bruno Marcel in STAT.

Also, the number of awards awarded continues to rise every year. The Academy will award a total of 143 Geminis over the weekend, in increasingly specialized categories. The result: the award win was as surprising as the victory of Gino Chouinard, Dave Morissette and Pierre Bruno at the Artes (Fire) concert.

However, the predictions game turns out to be the most exciting part of the event. So, let’s dive, like Sylvie Bernier at the Los Angeles Olympics. In the telenovel, or annual drama series, from its official name, if District 31 Don’t take it ahead separationAnd the weAnd the perfect moments And the foreverI scream loud enough to revive Nancy Reubel and Jeff Morin.

Photo from .’s Facebook page Area 31

Gildor Roy in a scene from District 31

A one-of-a-kind television phenomenon, Luc Dionne’s series deserves all the accolades. Furthermore, I still don’t understand why any actor from District 31 (Gildor Roy, Michelle Sharett?) was only drafted into the category of first roles in a TV series while three actors fromalerts meet there.

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Not one, not two, but threealerts : Danny Gilmore, Frederic Pierre, and Guy Goodwin. No quirks, it’s Roy Dupuy from forever Who will monopolize the gold equipment.

in comedy Audrey is back Leaves with a good start eye of the stormAnd the comradesAnd the no date And the Alive from her children. Florence Longbury, who plays artist Audrey D.Audrey is backI’ll definitely thank at the microphone, although last year’s winner Kristen Beaulieu got hit in the neck.

As in 2020, the academy will – for good reason – join the I love you like that The title of the best drama series. One-way ticket De Novo, a big favorite from last season, as well berry time Eleco Club may come as a surprise. But it doesn’t seem to me that Huguette Delisle’s (Marilyn Castonguay) devil’s eye is in danger.

In reality TV, will we witness the first victory ofdouble occupation ? It would be amazing. The vote will definitely lean towards Love is in the meadowthe last season of heads! Not eligible for this year’s competition.

There will be a lot of work on our televisions on Sunday evening. Against Gemini, TVA will bring out its big guns masked singers And the Revolution. And there will be a red carpet unveiling fordouble occupation In Martinique, it would be like, ” after illness A carpenter, plumber, or hairdresser will certainly say.

Even before an episode was shownODThe first look at Jay Du Temple ignited social networks. Sports haircut boy band Canadian 1999, the host also wears a semi-transparent white medieval dress and semiIt’s coming every time for meCurrently by Celine Dion.

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According to stylist Melody Ryonesky, whom I called (we’ll stop at nothing for the info!), Quebec designer Camille TP was the one who designed this set specifically for Guy du Temple. Camille TB chose a fabric adapted to the tropical heat as the master of ceremonies bathed for 15 hours straight, hence the gown’s steamy look.

Inspired by a photoshoot of American actor Evan MokGossip Girl 2.0.2 Update), Melody Ronsky describes this look Like ‘Little Prince, but broken, with jewels, d Martins, leather belt and Jay tattoo.

That’s it, end of the report. Hugo Dumas, live from New York Fashion Week, had a goodbye there.

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