Thanksgiving in Nantucket for Joe and Jill Biden

The US presidential couple traveled to Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, to celebrate Thanksgiving.

A family tradition, a presidential version. Since Tuesday, Joe and Jill Biden Found on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, sometimes Thanksgiving long weekend. The presidential couple headed, Thursday, the American holiday, to a military barracks on the island, to meet with the Coast Guard and talk via video link with soldiers stationed in Kuwait, in the Persian Gulf or in the East China Sea. Monday, the eve of their departure from the White House, They had attended Thanksgiving dinner early with soldiers and military families Deployed overseas at Fort Bragg Military Base in North Carolina. “I’m so proud to be here. It’s hard for me to say, but it’s crazy how proud I am to be your commander-in-chief. I want to thank you not only the fighters but also the families for waiting for you. I know how hard it is to have an empty place on the table for some during the holidays.” ‘Cause they’re in danger and out there.” Joe Biden.

Like every year since 1975 — with the exception of 2015, a few months after their son Beau died, and last year due to health restrictions — Biden gathers in Nantucket for Thanksgiving. They traveled there on Air Force One, with their son Hunter, who came with his youngest son Bo and his wife Melissa. The couple and the little boy attended the Christmas tree reception at the White House, Monday. The clan was nearly complete this Thursday, and they were present: Hunter, Melissa, and Little Beau, as well as his three eldest daughters Naomi—come with fiancée Peter, Finnigan, and Macy, but also Natalie and Hunter Jr., the two beautiful deceased sons of the deceased.

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On Biden’s menu is the typical Thanksgiving meal: a stuffed and roasted turkey with thyme, roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, turnips, mushrooms, and cranberry seasoning. For dessert, the selection was also wide, the White House said: apple pie, pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, and chocolate chip ice cream.

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