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The 2021 Show: From Birth to Recreation

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A few days ago, I stumbled upon one of my texts posted at 1is being January 2001 as I was wondering what to expect, the concert department, for the next 12 months. With a little more detail, we can repost it completely today, so we’re living Groundhog Day, it takes two or three.

So 2022 will start like 2021: For the third time since the pandemic began, the performing arts have fallen into an artificial coma.

In hindsight, it is surprising to note that the performance halls (music, humour, theater and dance) will only be opened at full capacity and with no distance – except for the wearing of masks – for about two months since March 2020. We still don’t know how long this thousandth lockdown will last.

However, it was a lot of fun, this year 2021, until mid-December. Depending on the fluctuations of deregulation by regions (red, orange, etc.), the return of summer and open-air music festivals, as well as the gradual and complete reopening of venues in early October, recent months have been marked by a musical renaissance. We found artists, stages, festivals and friends according to the inscriptions.

To wrap up on a positive note anyway, here’s a small list of accomplishments associated with some 50 concerts and more seen this year. The sample is much less than one year without a pandemic of 125 or 150 concerts, but after being limited to 6 shows in 2020, I, like millions of Quebecers, were able to experience a few key moments in 2021.

first trio

As in hockey, there is sometimes a dominant first streak. Here are the three stars.

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Chloe Belgaj : There are, of course, 13 Félix winning 16 nominations at the ADISQ Gala, all tied to the record. Lady of the Seven Sorrows. In terms of numbers, Felix won second for Songwriter of the Year, next in 2017. Chloe Belgag is the only woman to win this trophy since Francine Raymond in 1993. Twice. It deserves the first star.

Charlotte Cardan : Little by little, a popular TV competition revealed, Quebec has been offering freelance songs and microalbums since the mid-2010s. We had to wait until 2021 to get the first record (Phoenix) and an amazing concert at the Osheaga Festival that showed us how far we’ve come.

Charlotte Cardan

Photo: Radio Canada/Guillaume Croto Langevin

Daxing Cowboy : Old emerging groupKarl Tremblay said during the first of three concerts at the Bell Center in November. With over 20 years of performing on stage and 25 years of recording career – in 2022 – Les Cowboys Fringants have never been more popular since the explosion caused by break union (2002).

Reason? disc Entreprise (2019) as well as the song and the movie America is crying. The last time a Quebec group—not a solo artist like Celine Dion or Marie May—performed four concerts (the concert was postponed on December 27) at the Montreal Canadiens Coliseum, Beau Dumag, in 1995… was at the Forum.

Les Cowboys Fringants in concert.

Les Cowboys Fringeans in concert at the Bell Center in Montreal

Photo: Steve Caron / @lecaron

Reunion : Franklin Electric and Dylan Phillips, of Half Moon Run, perform at Santa Teresa’s Chapel in Avila for the Santa Teresa Festival (May 19), more than eight months after the Dumas at La Tulipe. revival in the church? strong symbol.

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Intimate party : Vincent Vallier at Blanville Community Center (August 14), in front of less than 50 people. Vallières at its simplest. More intimate than that, it plays in your living room.

The concert in my living room : Speaking of the living room, it was from here that I enjoyed the wonderful Cœur de pirate party at Francos de Montréal (September 10), due to a logistical problem. This enabled me to gauge the typical quality (audio and visual) of Les Francos live broadcasts and those to come at the Jazz Festival. trumps.

On the set of Bonsoir bonoir, Coeur de pirate plays the piano.

Cor de pirate in performance

Photo: Production Still Young / Karen Dufour

The real party for the premiere : Ariane Moffatt performing on her show incarnation, at FestiVoix, in Trois-Rivieres (30 June). Beautiful sun and feet in the grass. fullness;

Animated party : I refused to go see Phil Collins’ last lap in 2018, and I didn’t want to see him waning on stage. I changed my mind about the recent Genesis track at the Bell Center (November 22). An excellent decision for a possible emotional concert.

Hurricane Party : Standing in his chair in front of a piano or keyboards, Hurricane Chloe Kneeling, lying on stage, will sweep through the crowd of Francos de Montreal (September 9).

Favorite party : With her boxy ensemble and the drag of young Chrissy Hynd, Lawrence Ann will captivate her audience at The Francos (September 9).

Laurence-Anne, in concert, with her guitar.

Laurence-Anne in Francos de Montréal

Photo: Francos de Montreal / Victor Diaz Lamic

crazy moment : When Ricky Martin opened the double program (with Enrique Iglesias) at the Bell Center (October 9) by performing Levin La Vida LucaI saw 15,000 people rebound at the same time. An electric shock befitting a Manic-5 in the inferior kidney.

crazy moments : All generations of Cowboys Fringants fans were in attendance for this first concert at the Bell Center (November 25), where there were many moments of blissful madness.

moment of bliss : When Leah Fey of the July Talk duo reached out to a spectator to climb the fence at the Oshiaga Festival (October 3), the strongest photo of the year hit me hard. Finally, artists and spectators were one.

I hope this more than once in 2022.

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