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The actor ignores repeated calls from the International Space Station astronaut

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Tony Vaughn
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Last October, astronaut Thomas Baskett became the first French commander of the International Space Station (ISS). And, apparently, this is not enough for a telephone interview with actor Pierre Nene.

The latter told on his Instagram account how he ignored repeated calls from Thomas Baskett, while he was in full orbit around the Earth.

The 32-year-old actor claims to have received calls every day from unknown numbers from Houston, Texas. Pierre Nene didn’t know anyone there, he just ignored these phone calls.

Whoever won the César Award for Best Actor in 2015 for his role in the movie “Yves Saint Laurent” contacted actress Baume Klementiev for advice. The person who has interpreted the role of Mantis in several Marvel movies, who is a native of Quebec, would have told him that it might have been unwanted calls, and thus suggested that he not answer.

“And since he’s an avenger, you listen to him!” Pierre Nene announced.

Only five days later the French actor decided to withdraw to hear: “Ah, it’s Thomas.”

Pierre Nene replied: “Thomas who? I don’t know about Thomas”

Then Thomas Pasquet officially introduced himself, stating that he was calling him from the International Space Station. The astronaut just wanted to thank the actor for sending him a copy of one of his movies into space.

“Again Thomas, thank you, and sorry for ghosting you like a vulgar ex,” the actor shot at the end of his Instagram video.

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