The beating heart of Attila Marcel

In 2003, he made us swing with his car Belleville triplets, whose old bikes, their world and their songs are still in our memory. An instant hit mixed with gloom, childhood flair and censored absurdity, but also an incomparable official success, this animated film had the mouthful of the rest. But, after another animated movie, scammer In 2010, Sylvain Chomet surprised, to our greatest delight, with a new film, this time in real shooting: Attila Marcel.

Attila Marcel, by Sylvain Chomet Photo: Pathé

Who is Attila?

In a world made of odds, endings, colors, and invasive plants, Paul/Atila is a careless, dumb, and 30-year-old hero. Attila Marcel. Pushed by his family to become a pianist, stuck in a dreary routine he shares with his two aunts, his fate will change when he meets Mrs. Proust, his upstairs neighbor, to whom he goes for magical herbal tea. to one’s memories. Yes, like Madeleine Marcel…a little more psychedelic!

A man and a woman sitting around a table in an apartment filled with green plants.
Attila Marcel, by Sylvain Chomet Photo: Pathé

Hair in every corner

Are talent, poetry, and grace possible in the world of animated cinema soluble in imagination? traditionalists“,” text “:” traditional “}}”> traditionalists ?Attila Marcel suggests no. For what is not lost in the passage from one universe to another is in fact a Chomet touch, made of slightly old-fashioned fantasy, of amusing tenderness, chants and offbeat colours.

Real shot, animation, same fight? Provided that behind the camera is a creator who has a powerful and unique universe.

Around a table, two identically dressed women touch the face of a young man.
Attila Marcel, by Sylvain Chomet Photo: Pathé

memory and sweetness : The recipe that makes you feel good

Filled with an unusual charm at times reminiscent of the simple and witty graphics of Sempé, the last movie in which the Delicious appeared, Attila Marcel Not satisfied with an artificial original or put there to make it different. On the contrary, based on these peculiar foundations, he will patiently build a story of memory, of a rising childhood and rediscovery and encounter, a deeply human story by which Anne Lu Ni is known, but especially Guillaume Guix, usually with more brutal roles. , but how insanely soft and simple it goes, it gives a more touching dimension.

Surprising, anomalous, even destabilizing, but continually allowing the heart to beat at the right scale: under its unusual outward shape, Attila Marcel It is above all a good feeling movie. Which, in these bleak times, is far from small.

Attila Marcel, at ICI Télé on Monday, July 19, at 1 p.m. Trailer (Source: YouTube)

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