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The Canadian Premier League will present its matches for a month in Winnipeg

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Each of the eight teams in the ring will play eight matches between June 26 and July 24.

The League renewed its goal by providing 28 complete matches for all its teams. She hopes to be able to return to a model where matches are played at team stadiums after matches scheduled in Winnipeg through July 24.

I asked our teams to be flexibleFirst Commissioner David Clanchan said.

All games scheduled for Winnipeg will be played at IG Field, home of Valor FC and the Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Investors Group Stadium in Winnipeg.

Photo: Radio Canada/Chris Glover

David Clanachan said his league had received offers from 11 cities to host the first leg of the schedule. Cities in five Canadian provinces, the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean have shown interest in the issue.

The commissioner said: We wanted to stay here (in Canada). It was important for us to do that for our fans.

Presenting the first part of its season in Canada will also allow the Canadian Premier League to have more flexibility if the pandemic-related restrictive measures are eased faster, according to Mr Clanachan.

We want to get back to our local markets as soon as possible, so we can find our supporters, he said. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is still a long way to go, but we can see it.

season PLC It was due to kick off on May 22, but the pandemic has forced the league to postpone its first matches.

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Last year, the second season in the history PLC It took the form of a tournament near Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, from August 13 to September 9.

Hamilton Forge then defended the title he earned during the first season of the league, in 2019.

Amal Valor and his supporters

For Valor FC goalkeeper coach Patrick Di Stefani, Winnipeg has an advantage at home. We play at home, so we defend our territory. We know every corner of the stadium Mr. De Stefani explains.

An advantage growing in importance as the club face defending champions, Hamilton Forge, in their first match. “During the previous two seasons, they won the championship. But it is good to play against them directly. Big teams are better to face at the beginning of the season, so we know what to expect,” adds the coach.

If, of course, the goal of the football club is to win the competition, Patrick Di Stefani also mentions additional goals. If we don’t win, says Di Stefani, we at least want to finish third in the top three. We would also like to win two games in a row, which has not happened since the start of Valor FC.

Winnipeg fans are thrilled to start the season on home soil.

For fan Eric Zogby, not being able to make it to the stands when matches are taking place in Manitoba is a bit tricky, but he remains hopeful. Health is unpredictable so hopefully things will get better and we can go and watch some matches. Zoghbi says.

What I miss the most is being in the stands and yelling for my team or yelling at them when they piss me off

Quote from:Eric Zogby, Valor FC supporter

This new season is not just a fun opportunity for football fan Erwan Bouchaud. It is also a very important step for the development and impact of Canadian football.

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It is a league that is still very young, in a country where there are excellent footballers. So everything is still in order reassured m. Bouchod.

For him, this competition could allow the country’s players to improve so that Canadian teams can qualify for more important competitions.

The level of play in Canada has already increased significantly, so it is very important for football to resume Concludes.

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