The controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been permanently abandoned

Canadian Giant TC On Wednesday, June 9, Energy announced the final abandonment of the Keystone Pipeline Project XLAnd put an end to fifteen years of controversy. resolution “severe” to his supporters, but it is a landslide victory for conservationists.

TC Energy has made its decision “After a full review of the options available to it to continue the project in consultation with its partner, the Government of Alberta,” specific Radio Canada.

But the pipeline, which carried more than 830,000 barrels of oil per day between the Canadian province of Alberta and US refineries in the Gulf of Mexico, was already moribund: US President Joe Biden halted the project on the first day. of his presidency according to his campaign promise.

The project encountered fierce opposition “Since its inception, it has become a symbol of the political divide over the future of fossil fuels in the United States,” control financial times. Launched in 2008, Keystone XL It was canceled by Barack Obama, then relaunched by Donald Trump, before Joe Biden banned it again.

The latter, like environmentalists, considered the construction of new infrastructure aimed at “Bringing more oil to the United States runs counter to the need to respond to climate change by choosing cleaner energies,” explain The Wall Street Journal.

Fear of leaks

As the US President considered it “Letting the project go ahead would undermine its international credibility, while it would try to persuade other countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Economic adds daily.

Conservationists were delighted Wednesday, including Bill McKibbin, founder of the Association and first exhibitor. When this battle began, people believed that the major oil companies could not be defeated., did he say. But there is strength in unity, even against the most powerful of fossil fuel groups.”

Environmentalists were not the only ones to oppose the pipeline. select it Washington Post. The project has also been criticized by “Farmers, herders, and indigenous leaders, who do not want to be forced to grant right-of-way (to TC energy), and who would have feared that one day the pipeline would end up leaking and polluting water reserves “.

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“It is hard to underscore how huge this victory was for activists, and especially for Indigenous organizations, who were at the forefront of opposing Keystone X,” analyzing Gizmodo. Nasr must give wings to the demonstrators who are presenting at this very moment “Other battles against oil pipelines”, Especially in Minnesota and Michigan.

‘Devastating news’

On the other hand, supporters of the project make no secret of their frustration. The toronto star remember that the province of Alberta invested 1.5 billion Canadian dollars [un peu plus de 1 milliard d’euros] in Keystone, with $6 billion in secured loans.”. The final bill for the Canadian taxpayer is expected to be $1.3 billion.

“We remain disappointed and frustrated by the circumstances surrounding the Keystone project. XLIncluding revocation of the permit by the President [Joe Biden], which would have allowed the pipeline to cross the border.”Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said, cite it Globe and Mail.

On the American side, Republicans are angry, as are Montana Senator Steve Daines. “This is devastating news for our economy, our jobs, the environment and national security, and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault,” did he say, quoted hill. “There is no longer any doubt that President Biden is associated with environmental extremists.”

A few hundred kilometers – from 2000 of the project – were built in 2020, mainly on the Canadian side. At the height of construction, the work mobilized about 2,500 workers. TC Energy indicated that it will ensure Safely close the site., without specifying what will happen to already installed partitions.

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