The court dismissed the only criminal charge against Cuomo

An Albany city court judge has dismissed a forced touchdown complaint against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who appeared almost briefly in his first public appearance since resigning as governor.

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City Court Judge Holly Trixler presided over the hearing for less than 10 minutes. I heard from Assistant Attorney General Jennifer McNee, who said she would not oppose Cuomo’s attorney’s request to dismiss the complaint.

“This court is well aware that the attorney general’s office has unlimited discretion in determining whether a particular suspect or case should be prosecuted, and that higher courts have long and consistently held that the courts cannot and should not interfere with the discretion of a district attorney,” he said. Trexler.

The woman behind the accusation, Brittany Commisso, was one of 11 prosecutors who spoke to investigators assigned by the New York Attorney General’s office, Letitia James, to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, the former governor.

Today, reason and rule of law prevail. “Neither the politics, nor the rhetoric, nor the mentality of the crowd,” Cuomo’s attorney Rita Glavin said after the hearing.

Cuomo’s administration has been the subject of a federal investigation into the handling of data on Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes.

The former governor is also under investigation by federal prosecutors over allegations of sexual harassment.

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