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The French brand reveals the recipe for “Frenchcycle”, an amazing ice cream for summer…with ketchup!

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On the beach, refreshing ice cream with ketchup, would you like it? Discover the history of this great initiative and the recipe for “Frenchsicle”.

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Tired of vanilla or chocolate ice cream? French American company “French”Ketchup Ice Cream limited edition. Available all through the first week of summer at Pop-up stores in CanadaThis ketchup ice cream is perfectly balanced and full of luxury.

In close cooperation with Happy Popsa local Canadian company, this ketchup ice cream A friend of the environment. Exclusively cooked with 100% Canadian tomato And organic cane sugar, this all-natural ice cream combines the two best summer treats: Ice cream and tomatoes!

To celebrate summer, dare you to the “Frenchsicle” recipe, which we reveal to you in the article!

Why ketchup ice cream?

Discover the recipe for ice cream with ketchup the French way. Credit: French

Ketchup ice cream is amazing, isn’t it? But it is not so much on the American continent. In fact, according to a survey conducted by French’s company, 79% Canadian They say they like ketchup. There, this tomato sauce can be enjoyed in all its forms.

Solidarity initiative

Enjoy ketchup ice cream with a pinch of salt. Credit: French

The story of the ketchup ice cream is beautiful. In addition to environmentally friendly products, “French” promises Fighting food poverty. Per Frenchcycle, French will Donate two meals to Food Banks Canada. The goal is Fighting food insecurity in Canada.

French ketchup ice cream recipe

Barely 10 minutes of preparation, this ketchup ice cream recipe Ultrafast. The recipe was shared by the French American brand. Just buy ice cream molds with a few sticks. Mix ketchup, tomato juice and a little hot sauce. Pour everything into molds and put them in the freezer. Reward yourself! Find the full recipe over here.

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