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The Laughter Guards Light Event Guide: Leather…

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The biggest event in League of LegendsAnd perhaps the history of Riot Games has finally arrived. The Sentinels of Light have arrived to fend off the Darkness.

Who will win: The Ranger or the Dark? You can dictate the future of Runeterra in the next in-game event in League of Legends, Sentinels of Light.

This big event is part of the Viego story, which ends with the imminent launch of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

This is one of the biggest events in League of Legends history, not to be missed. Here are all the details you need.

When does the Sentinels of Light event start?

The Sentinels of Light event begins on July 8, with the release of League of Legends patch 11.14.

Sentinels of Light crossovers will also be deployed in Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Wild Rift.

Here are the release dates for each in-game event:

  • Rating: July 8
  • Wild crack: 8 juices
  • TFT: July 21
  • Legends of Runeterra: 14 juillet

Bouncers and Fallen Skins come in LoL patch 11.14

Some League of Legends champions have been damaged by the dark fog that has plagued Runeterra, while others are fighting to push it back. Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Raven, and Fine all got new Sentinel skins that cut through the darkness with tiny arms and elegant outfits.

All outfits feature stark contrasts of white, black, and gold, and correspond to the themes of the Light Guardian heroes, Lucien, Sena, and Akshan.

Riot Games

The Blade Dancer is also part of the Sentinels of Light side.

However, the Pantheon was not so lucky.

The Unbreakable Lance has joined the darkness with a new fallen skin along the same lines as Draven, Karma and Shyvana earlier in 2021. He will also get a Prestige appearance during the event.

Pantheon Dishu lol
Riot Games

Pantheon unfortunately fell to the side of darkness

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These aren’t the only Sentinel skins to make it to the crack, as Sentinel Graves, Sentinel Pyke and Sentinel Rengar will be released on July 22. Miss Fallen Fortune will also be available on the same date.

Thresh Freed is a new skin for Soul Keeper, and it will be available exclusively in the Event Store for its initial launch on July 29.

dangerous sentry skin lol
Riot Games

Graves are back on the light side with Sentinels

New “Ultimate Spellbook” game mode

New skins aren’t the only thing coming during the Sentinels of Light event. League of Legends’ first-ever unique mode will be available in patch 11.14, when the Ultimate Spellbook hits live servers.

After testing in the PBE for about a month, the new game mode gives you the option to steal another hero to boost you for the rest of the game. De Mundo, who eventually wanders with Cho’Gath, in Lissandra, who has several warnings, the 154 heroes can look like Sylas.

This mode will be available for the duration of the Sentinels of Light event.

Barun Nashur dark lol
Riot Games

Baron Nashur also surrendered to darkness

Guardians of Light missions

The Sentinels of Light will offer a narrative experience through the eyes of a novice Sentinels member. Players will recruit allies to fight Viego. Quests will be published as weekly chapters and players will need to complete to progress through the story.

The Sentinels of Light story is free and runs until August 10.

Third week missions

missions goalkeeper combo Objectives points
merciful warrior Riven (A) + Irelia (A) Most help from your team 25
tortured fighter مقاتل Ripped (A) + Diana (A) The most gold medals for your team 25
malicious avant-garde Olaf (A) + Irelia (A) More eliminations from your team 25
Canning Berserker Olaf (A) + Diana (A) The most killed minions on your team 25

Fourth week missions

missions goalkeeper combo Objectives points
witch hunting Riven (B) + Irelia (B) + Rengar (A) Be in the killing line, legendary or above 50
critical attack Ripped (B) + Diana (B) + Ringar (A) Make the first elimination (help doesn’t count) 70
the depths of anger Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Pike (A) Win the match after dealing at least 28,000 damage to opponents. 50
inner darkness Olaf (B) + Diana (M) + Pike (A) As a team, get a better result in crowd control. 40
killer presence Torn (B) + Irelia (B) + Pike (A) Make a quad or better. 50
lame dipping Ripped (B) + Diana (B) + Pike (A) Get rid of each hero from the game at least once. 50
brutal punch Olaf (B) + Irelia (B) + Ringar (A) It deals more damage to opponents than it does. 40
brutal ambush Olaf (B) + Diana (B) + Ringar (A) Win a match in Premade (two friends). 30
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Light Guards Rewards

As for the rewards, we already know that the Prestige Ruined Pantheon will be part of the festivities. However, with these major events, players can usually get a lot of in-game goodies like chromas, load screen limits, and more.

Here are all the details for the specific Sentinels Rewards that you will unlock during the League of Legends event.

Area level (Points Required): Rewards
(week 1)
Level 1 (30): 5 tokens
Level 2 (60): Sentinels Event Token + Sentinel Senna Emote
Level 3 (90): Night Ranger Icon
Level 4 (120): 10 tokens
Level 5 (150): 10 tokens
Level 6 (180): 10 tokens
Level 7 (210): Vayne Sentinel’s expression
(week 1)
Level 1 (65): 10 tokens
Level 2 (135): Exiled Guardian Icon
Level 3 (210): 10 tokens
Level 4 (280): Torn Ranger Token
(week 1)
Level 1 (65): 10 tokens
Level 2 (135): Berserker Ranger Icon
Level 3 (210): 10 tokens
Level 4 (280): Olaf the Guardian’s expression
(week 2)
Eternal capsule
Level 1 (250) A: 10 tokens
B: 20 ​​tokens
Level 2 (510): Guardian Moon Icon
Level 3 (830) A: 15 tokens
B: 20 ​​tokens
Level 4 (1050): Diana the Guardian’s expression
(week 2)
Level 1 (250) A: 10 tokens
B: 20 ​​tokens
Level 2 (510): Ranger Blade Dancer Icon
Level 3 (830) A: 15 tokens
B: 20 ​​tokens
Level 4 (1050): Irelia Ranger Emote
Beltoffer / Zone
(week 3)
Guardian orb
Level 1 (650): Graves . Icon
Level 2 (1220): 10 tokens
Level 3 (1890): 15 tokens
Level 4 (2500): Graves Sentinel’s expression
(week 3)
Level 1 (815): 10 tokens
Level 2 (1520): Ringar Icon
Level 3 (2045): 15 tokens
Level 4 (2615): Rengar Sentinel Emote
bilge water
(week 3)
Level 1 (815): 10 tokens
Level 2 (1520): 15 tokens
Level 3 (2045): Pike Icon
Level 4 (2615): Pyke Sentinel تعبير Expression
(week 4)
Icons d’Akshan
Level 1 (895): 10 tokens
Level 2 (1790): 10 tokens
Level 3 (2450): 10 tokens
Level 4 (3000): Akshan Guardian’s expression
shadow islands
(week 4)
Level 1 (1050): 10 tokens
Level 2 (1910): 10 tokens
Level 3 (2610): 10 tokens
Level 4 (3200): 15 Viego Symbols + Defeated Expression
figo puzzle lol
Riot Games

Complete the puzzle about Viego to get a reward

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How to solve the mystery of the Sentinels of Light event

To prepare for the arrival of the Rangers, Riot has put together a mystery around Viego. If you haven’t been able to solve the puzzle, we’ve got you covered.

Click on the hand on the image of Viego, to the left of the image. This should take you to the next page where the golden music box plays a tune.
When the music box is finished, a text box should appear. Type -> 8-> 8-> 8-> 8 in the box. This is a code found on Champion Gwen’s bio page.

A “Welcome Sentinel” text box should appear on the next page. Type Akshan, the next hero’s name, and press Enter to complete the puzzle.
As for the puzzle bonus, we’ll keep it a secret!

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