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The Mysterious (and Unsinkable) Bogdanov Brothers

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All were star hosts, and controversial personalities, wonderful curiosities, and the Bogdanov brothers. Those who made themselves known on French television in shows where they delightfully mixed science, fiction, astrophysics and science fiction have died six days other than COVID-19.

Grichka succumbed to the disease on December 28, Igor followed suit on January 3. The second, who had fallen into an artificial coma, did not know that his inseparable twin had died. They were both 72 years old.

According to the Daily the scientist, these two men, who couldn’t go two paces without being stopped by fans, were not vaccinated.

Philosopher Luke Ferry, who is close to the Bogdanov family, told the media that he recommended the brothers about fifty times to go get the vaccine.

Being so athletic, without a gram of fat, they thought the vaccine was more dangerous.

Look Ferry

For his part, Igor and Grechka’s lawyer, Eduard de Lamaze, confirmed that his clients are not mind faxes. But he did not want to give reasons that would explain the two brothers’ position.

Their press secretary said the Bogdanovs thought they were “unsinkable”. “Igor and Grechka were in a different world from ordinary people.”

According to relatives, the twins, who are often described as “super intelligence,” contracted COVID-19 in late November or early December and saw it as a simple flu. Horror in the house, they did not want to take medicine, preferring to rely on plants.

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Born on August 29, 1949, the famous brothers have been passionate about aeronautics, science, and science fiction since their teenage years. Igor received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Grichka received his Ph.D. in Mathematics.

The show that made them known is X time. It was served from 1979 to 1987. The two hosts, both in their early twenties, were very attractive. They presented their program against the background of a spaceship in incredible combinations of kitsch. Then they were assigned to several more performances: Project X 13And X rayAnd tenth flagAnd close to the future.

Even if nowadays serious journalists and illustrators describe the two men as “scientific celebs” or outspoken “scientists”, the fact remains that their theories often aroused strong reactions among great researchers.

The Bogdanoffs has published many works, including Before the Big Bang, the end of chance And God’s face. An astrophysicist accused them of plagiarism and were the subject of a CNRS report in which it was stated that the brothers’ theses had no “scientific value”.

Their invented, borrowed or exaggerated theories? This is what many scientists claim. One thing is for sure, that the Bogdanov brothers have mastered the art of communicating well with them. It is necessary to see with what confidence they answer the questions of Thierry Ardisson, in 2004, at the time of the release of their book on the Big Bang.

But arguably the most amazing aspect of these two men has to do with their timeless physical appearance. Over the years, the audience has experienced a strange transformation that has raised many questions.

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When repeatedly asked about such changes that suddenly gave them a prominent chin, as well as enlarged cheekbones and lips, Igor and Grishka always skillfully avoided the question, leaving doubt about the effects of several surgeries or the outcome of several surgeries. (Acromegaly).

A young woman met a journalist on the streets of Paris earlier this week, and she described the Bogdanovs as: “Brutal, stunning and intelligent. She gives a fairly accurate description of these characters.”

These men, the pure products of their era, playing with science, sought eternal youth and transcended truth to fully nourish their media image, knowing all gears.

They felt unsinkable. They thought they were above the fight. But so far…those who have spent their lives bringing a taste of science to the public have turned their backs on it at the wrong time. They did not need this flag because for them it was a part of it. “Are we really born on Earth? They sometimes wondered in front of stunned and excited journalists.

By courting aliens, the Bogdanov family became prototypes.

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